In five years, will the bikes be different from what they look like today? And in what way?  To this question, the Austrian industrial designer Maxime Lefebvre tried to answer by publishing on the Behance platform some particular and interesting renderings , starring the Yamaha XT 500 . Which, compared to what one can imagine, is powered by water .

Yamaha XT 500 H2O

Concept: This is the official and complete name of the model. Which, however, is not only a designer’s imagination expressed through renderings, but it is also a work commissioned from Lefebvre by the Iwata company itself. That Yamaha was really planning to launch a water-powered motorcycle?

No fuel tank, here is the water pump

The XT 500 was first marketed in 1976: light enduro , with 21 and 18 inch wheels and knobby tires that made it suitable for any off-road sporting practice. Lefebvre began working on this project in 2016, also collaborating with Yamaha designers, for a bike that he himself defined as ” inexhaustible “.

Lefebvre and Yamaha therefore hypothesized, for 2025 , an XT 500 powered by a water pump capable of making the liquid flow constantly: an eco-sustainable solution, silent and economical at the same time, a sort of “dream mobility”. Of course, the enduro’s chassis and exterior would be radically changed, appearing very modern, with an almost futuristic look.

For now, it is still early to say that the Japanese manufacturer really wants to go so far and propose a motorcycle without the classic tank with gasoline, but a water pump. We will see if the dreams for 2025 turn out to be a reality.

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