Mazda has unveiled a plan that could lead to the successor of its Mazda 2 using the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid as a basis. Mazda-Toyota, according to the authoritative Autocar, could be arriving on the European market in just two years with the same Toyota supporting Mazda in the production of the model.

Will the new Mazda2 be born from the Toyota Yaris Hybrid

More than a true heir to the Mazda 2, the new car could be born in the form of a crossover with a hybrid system, under the body, of Toyota origin.

Mazda UK added that ” the THS (Toyota Hybrid System) is the optimal solution to meet the needs and requirements of the European automotive market and the partnership with Toyota will allow us to use and exchange the corporate resources of both companies in a way more efficient, with mutual respect for the brand and strategic independence “.

The agreement between the two companies came after the partnership signed between Toyota and Suzuki which “lent” the technologies underlying Corolla and RAV4 to give life to Suzuki Swace and Across.

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