Car colors are influenced by the environment they live in. We all know that some colors get dirty easier than others. But what color car gets dirtiest the fastest and what color car gets dirtiest the least?

In this post we will discuss about car colors and how to protect your car from getting dirty.

What are some common car colors?

cars with different colors

There are a variety of car colors that you can choose from. The most common car color is white or silver, which make up about 38% of cars on the road today. In 2007, blue vehicles made up 14%, followed by black with 11%. Green and red each had just over five percent share while gold/beige was at three percent.

The least common car colors are pink, purple and yellow with each of these making up less than one percent of the cars on the road today.

What color gets dirtiest the fastest?

Black is not only popular but it’s also a magnet for mud, bugs and other debris!

Black cars get the dirtiest. The study was conducted on 50 cars with identical make, model and year in different colors. Researchers examined how many bacteria were on each car’s surface after being driven for an hour. They found that black cars had more than twice as much bacteria as any other color! This is because black attracts more dirt particles from both inside and outside the car.

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What color car gets dirtiest the least?

The car that was found to have the lowest amount of bacteria after being driven for an hour on city streets is blue. Even though this research shows that different colored cars get dirty at different rates, it is still a good idea to take car of your car by washing and waxing it regularly. This will help keep the color from fading.

Comparing car colors that gets dirty than the other one:

Black: Black color gets the dirtiest fast because of the sun shining on it and the heat radiating from its surface. The dark color absorbs all of these things, making your car dirtier than any other colors.

White: This is probably one of the most popular cars because as we mentioned earlier that white or silver makes up 38% of cars driving around. White does not get dirty as fast as black because it does not absorb the heat and sun rays as much.

Blue: Blue car colors gets less dirty than any other color cars.

Green: Green vehicles are popular for their environment friendly impact, but they also like dirtier faster too! If you are looking for a car that stays clean longer, this is not the color you should choose.

Gold/Beige: This gold or beige cars are similar to white in terms of dirtiness. Stay away from these colors if you’re looking for something that does not get dirty easily!

Silver: Silver cars are easy to maintain because it does not need cleaning as often. Silver color is also similar with white and gold/beige, which means that they stay clean longer than dark colors like black or blue.

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If you want your car stays shiny for a long time then we recommend you to choose silver or white vehicles instead of the dark colors. However, if you do not mind washing your car frequently then go ahead and choose black or blue models instead!

What can you do to protect your car getting dirty?

If you are planning to buy a new car, think about the color again. Even though we said that some colors get dirtier than others but it is still important to protect your cars from getting dirty more than necessary!

The most common and easy ways of protecting your car’s paint job would be washing and waxing regularly. Just like many of us, we like to ride our bike or motorcycles in the morning before going to work. If you are one of them and your job is near from where you live then riding a motorcycle can be more practical than driving!

However, if you don’t want your car gets dirty easily then avoid parking under trees because birds love dropping their leftovers on your car. It is also important to park under a covered parking area because the sun and heat can damage paint job over time!

Car Washing Tips:

Use two buckets of soapy water, one with just soap and another filled with clear water for rinsing off the soap after washing your ride. Be sure you use cold or lukewarm water to clean the car. Hot water can fade paint job faster!

Waxing Tips:

Use a wax that’s made for your specific type of vehicle surface, whether it be acrylic or synthetic polymer. Synthetic ones are easier and more efficient to put on while real carnauba-based paste is thicker and longer lasting.

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Waxes don’t last forever so it is important to check the label for how often you should apply a new layer of wax! That way your car will stay shiny and clean.

Final thoughts on the matter

It is important to take good care of your car and avoid parking under trees or in a place where there’s too much sun. Otherwise, the color will fade faster than you think! It is also important to wash your car regularly so that it does not get dirty easily during daily use. If you want something more practical, riding a motorcycle might be the choice for you. If not then driving a car is still fine as long as you take good care of it!

Overall, we hope that these tips will help you to choose color better and protect your cars from getting dirty too often. We also recommend washing them regularly so they stay clean longer! Do any or all of these things and your car will look good as new even years later!


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