The deal was reportedly bagged last week. But the boss’s signature is still missing.

Volkswagen reportedly sells Bugatti to Rimac

According to company sources, the deal was confirmed by VW executives last week. However, the supervisory board has not yet given the green light. From a technical point of view, part of Bugatti would still remain associated with the VW Group, since Porsche holds a 15.5 percent share in Rimac. In addition, Car Magazin reports that the agreement should also include an increase in Porsche’s Rimac stake. 

Obviously, after Ferdinand Piech’s departure in 2015, the Volkswagen Group has now finally lost its motivation to invest money in the Molsheim luxury manufacturer. Piech died in 2019, whereupon Lamborghini as a tribute to his first electrified production car, which Sian FKP 37 named after his initials and the year he was born. 

Car Magazin  emphasizes that the Piech and Porsche families still hold more than 50 percent of the voting rights in the group and that the only way to convince them to sell Bugatti would be to profit from Porsche at the same time. 

The ultimate goal of the Stuttgart is to increase the stake in Rimac to 49 percent. In recent years, Hyundai / Kia, Koenigsegg, Jaguar and Magna have also invested in an electric startup that was founded only eleven years ago. 

Bugatti Vision Le Mans Concept

Bugatti Vision Le Mans

According to the magazine’s report, however, Bugatti is by no means the only sales candidate within the huge Volkswagen family. Obviously, possibilities are being explored at Lamborghini, Seat, Italdesign and Ducati. It is believed that VW has already negotiated with potential investors. The corona pandemic slowed things down, however. 

Nonetheless, operations at Bugatti continue as usual for the time being. The sports car maker is expected to present a unique piece of the Vision Le Mans Concept (in the gallery above) as an electric hypercar for the race track towards the end of the month.

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