Volkswagen’s electric offensive is gaining momentum. With the ID.4, the Wolfsburg-based company is now presenting the brand’s first fully-electric SUV and the first electric global car. The compact SUV class is the largest market segment in the world. The Motor Information Service (mid) took a closer look at the Stromer.

After the ID.3, the ID.4 is the second VW model on the modular electric drive kit (MEB). Production runs in China, the USA and Europe and the Stromer is offered in these markets. It should form a strategic milestone in the Group’s e-offensive.

In Germany the production is in the VW plant in Zwickau. Volkswagen plans to bring up to 75 pure e-models onto the market by 2029 and sell around 26 million e-vehicles during this period. The ID.4 customers receive a car that has been produced in a CO2-neutral way, according to the manufacturer.

At the market launch in Germany, customers will initially have two edition models to choose from. The ID.4 1st costs 49,950 euros, with a very extensive range of features, the purchase price for the ID.4 1st Max is 59,950 euros. The investment is financially interesting for VW fans due to the gross funding amount of 9,480 euros. This applies to both models.

It would be interesting to find out who came up with the names. ID.4 sounds something like R2-D2, the hero as the spaceship mechanic in Star Wars. The little robot. The name does not do justice to the e-world car from Wolfsburg. But good.

The ID.4 looks good. Powerful proportions and a clear, flowing design were inspired by nature, according to the manufacturer. With a length of 4.58 meters, the Stromer stands on large wheels up to 21 inches in diameter, which give it a sporty touch. You will look in vain for a radiator grille, this is not needed with an electric drive.

A trailer hitch and roof rail are standard in both edition models. The ID.4 Max has a huge panoramic glass roof and an electrically operated tailgate.

Volkswagen is a strong group that has brought its own e-platform onto the market, and competitors such as Ford are also interested in this technology. According to Maller, the battery is secured to the maximum and the battery box consists of extruded aluminum profiles.

The two ID.4 edition models are based on the ID.4 Pro Performance and produce 150 kW / 204 PS with 310 Newton meters of torque. According to the manufacturer, its battery with a capacity of 77 kWh allows a range of up to 520 kilometers. The sprint from zero to 100 km / h should be done in 8.5 seconds at a top speed of 160 km / h.

An inspection is only compulsory every two years. There are fewer wearing parts than in conventional vehicles. A 50:50 weight distribution of the platform and rear-wheel drive should increase driving pleasure enormously.

The architecture of the ID.4 results in a long wheelbase. It makes the interior spacious, there is plenty of headroom even for tall passengers, and the battery means that the seating position is a little higher for all occupants. A touch display with a diagonal of up to twelve inches is standard on board.

The little chrome on the entire vehicle can only be seen at second glance. VW says: light is the new chrome. New technologies are used here. When charging, a narrow so-called ID.Light band under the windshield shows how long the charging process will take. Interactive IQ.Light LED matrix headlights emit non-dazzling high beams. There are also 3D LED taillights.

Light is the new chrome – welcome to the automotive future. Volkswagen shows that it is possible to produce an e-world car. If the bright minds also find suitable vehicle names, everything is perfect.

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