Since the Toyota Supra A90 was presented last year, many Tuners and processors have begun to modify its technical specifications, putting their hands on the legendary engine of BMW origin: it is called B58 and is a 3.0 6-cylinder in-line turbo engine, a famous engine to have a very large torque and a high resistance to processing. This one we show you today is just the latest modified Supra A90 of a long list of models that we had already presented to you in the past months.

Toyota Supra 950 HP


This specimen in particular has some changes that have allowed it to almost triple the original power of 340 hp. In fact, a larger turbocharger and performance than the original one was installed, new racing pistons, the cylinders only being machined to ensure less resistance to friction, new connecting rods, completely revised intake, new exhaust, and a gem worthy of the best films. of the Fast and Furious saga: the Nitro, better known as NOS which allows it to instantly deliver more CV. Also new are the specific tires for acceleration races, capable of ensuring maximum grip on the sticky asphalt of drag tracks.

Times? Well, they’re really shocking. The quarter-mile is completed in about 8 seconds, while a “normal” Supra would take about 12.5. We don’t know the times on 0-100 km / h but they should be around 2 seconds flat.

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