The German tuner Manhart specializes in modifications concerning BMW cars but as we now well know, the beating heart (and not only) of the much-loved Supra is shared with another car from the Bavarian manufacturer, the BMW Z4. It, therefore, seems legitimate that Manhart has decided to get his hands on the latest Japanese sports car, to make it perform at its best and bring back a name as important as Supra.

Toyota Supra Manhart GR 550


With Manhart, the power is pushed up to 550 hp 

Earlier this year, Manhart presented his GR 450, a modified version of the Supra capable of delivering an impressive 450hp and around 600Nm of torque. Today, on the other hand, we are witnessing its second evolutionary phase, where power has been raised to 550 hp with the Manhart GR 550. Under the hood, we find the now famous 3.0 6-cylinder in-line turbo from BMW, with the initials B58, which was equipped with a new oversized turbocharger, new cooling system, new intake, and a new control unit capable of better managing the power. extra.

Toyota Supra Manhart GR 550

The German tuner has also made other changes, such as new, almost completely direct race manifolds, a new stainless steel exhaust system, and a new intercooler. As mentioned, the power, therefore, rises to a good 550 hp and 770 Nm of torque, or 210 hp more than the stock version, a not just result. We are already aware of the enormous reliability and robustness of that BMW engine that lends itself well to aftermarket modifications. However, we do not know the performance data, although much leads us to believe that now 0-100 km / h could be covered in less than 3.5 seconds for a top speed close to 310 km / h

Toyota Supra Manhart GR 550

Even the eye, however, wants its part, in fact, we find a new sporty body kit, with a mirror gold livery and new 20 ″ ultralight satin wheels. The front splitter and side skirts are signed by AC Schnitzer, while the adjustable lowering is made by H&R.

The price of the preparation is still unknown, but it should be close to 45 thousand euros.

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