The Toyota has the RAV4 Hybrid  Black Edition, a version of the SUV characterized by the predominance of the color black exterior and interior. The car, which can already be ordered, is offered with prices starting from 38,250 euros in the 2WD version and deliveries will begin in November.

Toyota Rav4 Black Edition

Toyota Rav4 Black Edition

The bodywork is painted entirely in Deep Black Met color, which highlights the surfaces and edges. Black also finds its place on details, such as the exterior mirror caps, the rear moldings, the spoiler and on the 19 “alloy wheels, characterized by a glossy finish. The total black theme also continues on the front, especially in the bumper and in the grille, where the chromed logo of the House stands out. Entering the passenger compartment, the seats covered in black “Leather Tex” synthetic leather with gray stitching stand out, as well as the headliner and black interior finishes. The standard equipment follows those Style trim and includes parking sensors, a nine-speaker JBL premium audio system, and a wireless smartphone charger.


Ways To Get In

In addition to the purchase, it is possible to take advantage of the Pay Per Drive Connected formula, which provides the possibility to return the car at any time, with installments starting from 335 euros and an advance of 8,700 euros. Alternatively, the new Kinto One rental formula is available, with a monthly fee starting from 475 euros for 48 months and a mileage of 60,000 km. The installment includes ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, insurance services, and the Lojack Classic, a stolen vehicle recovery system based on radio frequency technology.

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