The 2021 edition of the Toyota Land Cruiser can be ordered with prices from 43,650 euros. It features the renewed 2.8 engine, with 27 HP more, and a new multimedia system.

Toyota Land Cruiser


Throughout its 69-year career, the Toyota Land Cruiser has remained true to the original spirit of true off-roading. The current model (codenamed KDJ 150/155) was launched in 2009 but is now updated with light cosmetic changes, a new multimedia system, and a more powerful engine. It will be in dealerships from the end of 2020. 



Stylistically, the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser does not present any big news. However, for the top-of-the-range Executive 5-door version, the brand new Black Pack is offered, which enhances the exterior look with different black-colored details, such as front grille, fog lamp frames, rearview mirrors, side window frames, and headlights. horizontal frieze in the tailgate. Inside, you notice the black center console.



In addition, for the high-end Louge and Executive trim levels, the 2021 edition of the Toyota Land Cruiser offers the new Toyota Touch 3 multimedia system, compatible with smartphones and equipped with a sim card for internet access to Go Plus services ( the subscription is free for three years): thus, you can update your navigator maps and get real-time information on traffic, speed cameras, weather, and fuel prices. The Toyota Touch 3 is controlled via a 9 ”touch screen, which is faster in receiving touch commands.



The Toyota Land Cruiser also receives the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 package, with seven driving assistance systems: they are automatic braking, improved to avoid the impact of pedestrians even at night and cyclists during the day, and the adaptive speed, in addition to the automatic high beams, the adaptive speed limiter, the system against involuntary lane change and the one that reproduces road signs in the dashboard, so that the driver can always have them in sight. 



The Toyota Land Cruiser engine is also updated with more power and torque: the 4-cylinder 2.8 turbo diesel now has 204 HP (27 more than before) and 500 Nm (50 more). The Japanese manufacturer declares a time of 9.9 seconds to reach 100 km / h, with a standing start, 3 seconds less than the previous version. Mileage with a liter of diesel fuel has also improved, from 12.9 to 14.2 km / l.



The 3 door variant of the Toyota Land Cruiser is offered in three trim levels. It starts from the base, from 43,650 euros, with the manual gearbox, the 17 “steel wheels, the manual climate, the LED daytime running lights, the spare wheel in the tailgate, and the Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system, with a screen of 6 , 1 “. It is the only one with the N1 truck registration, so it offers tax breaks to those who use it for work, while the others have the M1 for passenger transport. Then there is the Active, from 48,150 euros, which additionally offers the 17 “alloy wheels, the chrome grille, the side steps, the mirrors in the same color as the bodywork, the rearview camera and the backrests of the foldable sofa in two parts, in addition to the multimedia system Toyota Touch 3, with 9 ”mockery but no internet services. At the top, for the 3-door, there is the Lounge: from 60,150 euros, it has automatic transmission, leather seats, automatic climate control, Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 package, 19 “alloy wheels, front and rear distance sensors, and windows darkened rear, in addition to Go Plus services. The Lounge does not have an external spare wheel.

Toyota Land Cruiser


Then there is the 5-door variant of the Toyota Land Cruiser, in the Executive trim only, which starts at 72,150 euros. Compared to the Lounge, it has additional climate controls for second-row passengers, ventilated front seats, and an audio system with 14 speakers.

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