Here is the first creation of the Totem Automobili. Carbon, batteries and cutting-edge solutions blend with the traditional forms of the Alfa Romeo coupé par excellence. For a unique restomod.



The Totem Automobili is an idea by Riccardo Quaggio. We are talking about a tiny reality in an absolute sense, but hyperactive considering that it was born in 2018 and that its promo product is already in the final resolution phase. It is called Totem GT Electric and, as the name implies, it is a Giulia GT revolutionized in soul and spirit thanks to an unprecedented restomod. It is inspired by the legendary Alfa Romeo GTAs and to push it there is an electric unit (in the rear-central position) that promises a power of over 500 hp. It is powered by a battery large enough to allow for 400km of range. The development of the latter was carried out internally by Totem Automobili and uses a special military liquid to maintain a constant temperature inside the ‘pile’, which never exceeds 38 degrees. The solution that promises greater efficiency and no sudden loss of range depending on outside temperatures or the use of the car.



The transformation of a historic car into an EV is an increasingly common operation thanks to specific legislative liberalizations that make it possible to replace the old heat engine with an electric one without endless bureaucratic procedures for re-homologation. The heart of the work lies in the details that have transformed and made the Totem GT Electric unique. Starting with the bodywork almost entirely made of carbon with 18 cm track widths, front and rear. The new LED headlights (two + two additional ones inspired by the lights of the 1960s rally cars) together with the headlights, which have gone from rectangular to round; all this gives the GT Electric a more modern shape, while the 17 ”forged wheels suggest the sporting intentions of this electric Giulia GT, even once it has been pushed to the limit.

the 500 HP Giulia GTA runs on batteries



Even under the lightweight composite panels, there is no shortage of technical innovations: to support power over four times higher than the original, the body has been reinforced with a rollbar inspired by those used on the racing Giulia of the 60s, while the steel battery container acts as a load-bearing element of the frame. The suspension layout is also new: the Totem GT Electric uses multilink at the rear and MacPherson at the front with aluminium arms and Bilstein shock absorbers with manual or electronic adjustment (optional). A limited-slip differential was finally added to unload all the power on the rear wheels.



The passenger compartment is as refined as the exterior with new carbon bucket seats and luxurious leather upholstery for the dashboard and door panels. At the centre between the seats, there is a “curious” element for an electric car, the gear lever. To ensure greater driving pleasure, the Totem GT Electric features a mechanism that simulates a sequential transmission with ‘real’ gear changes. This electronic system called “McFly” emulates the performance, the sound and the vibrations of a thermal engine and its transmission on an electric powerplant; depending on the driving mode selected, the driver can thus change the engine torque curve, power, but also the gear ratio and the number of gears for a more engaging driving experience.

the 500 HP Giulia GTA runs on batteries


The Totem GT Electric will be produced in a limited edition of twenty units at a starting price of 430,000 euros. Delivery of the first production cars is expected in 2022.

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