Vehicle repair can be really expensive. Annoying and often unnecessary. Those who stick to these tips protect vehicle technology and save expensive workshop visits.

Tips for A Long Car Life

Help, the workshop invoice! In many cases, a few hundred euros are due even for short visits. This is annoying – especially because many expensive breakdowns can be prevented by inexpensive care and maintenance work and are therefore completely unnecessary. Everything to do with car care and washing most important tip: never ignores symptoms, because defective auto parts do not repair themselves. If a brake starts to drag or a belt starts to squeak, it’s best to go to the workshop quickly. If you can, you can put on your overalls and do the maintenance work yourself. First, if you grind metal on metal, the brake discs are over, and a torn V-belt can even cause an engine to die from the heat. So it’s better to drive to the inspection regularly – and think about maintenance. Because that is the alpha and omega.

Care is a lot – but not everything

It is clear to everyone that a car should be cleaned regularly and gently, both inside and out: otherwise the paintwork and plastic parts suffer enormously. Don’t forget the seals either! But there are still many things that drivers should consider beyond proper care – and this also includes maintenance work such as timely engine oil and timing belt changes – if they love their car or at least want to preserve its value better. Cold starts and driving under full load should be avoided. If you want to shift from forward to reverse gear (or vice versa), you should always wait until the car really comes to a standstill – the synchronizer rings in the transmission otherwise could suffer. Too much heat can damage sensitive electronics. Better be a shadow parker!

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