The seventh generation of the Japanese pick-up debuts with several innovations for the engine, chassis, cockpit, and off-road equipment.



Isuzu is one of the longest-running Japanese manufacturers, specializing in the production of commercial vehicles and industrial engines. In conjunction with 60 years of presence in the pick-up sector, it announces the seventh generation of the Isuzu D-Max N60 (built-in collaboration with General Motors) which is profoundly renewed compared to the past. The new features include improvements to the chassis, bodywork, engine and gearbox, multimedia system, and driving aids. It will be sold with three different cabin types. It will also arrive in Italy with prices starting from 35,656 euros for the single cabin variant with a manual gearbox.



To push the Isuzu D-Max N60 we find the well-known 1.9 turbodiesel 4-cylinder compliant with the Euro 6d standard, with 164 HP and 360 Nm of torque, which however has some updates: such as the addition of the start & stop, of the system Low-pressure EGR (the solenoid valve that allows the recirculation of burnt gases) and the SCR catalyst for the reduction of nitrogen oxides.

The Isuzu D-Max is renewed



Being a vehicle designed primarily for business use, the Isuzu D-Max N60 is equipped with 4×4 traction (it can also be engaged while driving) with active electronic traction control and self-locking function. For the more difficult passages, there are also reduced ones. To lock the rear differential (which improves traction) there is a special button located directly in the cabin. Off-road capabilities which in this version are further improved since, thanks to a series of modifications involving the intake system, the pick-up has a wading capacity of 80 cm (the distance between the ground and the entry point of the engine air). The rear bumper modification has also improved the approach and exit angles.



The load capacity of the Isuzu D-Max N60 is 3,500 kg and the TSC function is available which, acting on the braking system, reduces the possible oscillations deriving from crosswinds when transporting a trailer.

The Isuzu D-Max is renewed


The Isuzu D-Max N60 has a new, more modern look, thanks to redesigned headlights and taillights and a new grille. The interiors have also been revised which can now count on a new multimedia system that can be connected to smartphones. Also, thanks to the 20% increased torsional stiffness, achieved with high-strength steels for the cab and an additional cross member for the chassis, the pick-up should feel more comfortable.

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