Nissan has unveiled its GT-R (X) 2050, the Nissan GT-R of the future scheduled for 2050.

The “car” was created by Jaebum “JB” Choi as part of his thesis for the ArtCenter Pasadena College of Design. Now the “car” has been transformed into a full-scale model with the help of Nissan Design America, where Choi got a job earlier this year.

Nissan GT-R X 2050

The concept car measures only 2.908 m in length since the GT-R 2050 should be a sort of “automotive exoskeleton” on a human scale, a kind of wearable machine like a suit that connects to a driver’s brain via a neural helmet. Instead of using traditional controls, the driver will be able to control the car through thought. Needless to say, the engine will be electric or hydrogen, with the “suit” able to rotate 360 ​​degrees and also use an active rear wing that folds up to improve the aerodynamic coefficient.

Nissan GT-R X 2050

According to Nissan Design America Vice President David Woodhouse, “ JB is a super talented and super creative designer. His ideas fit perfectly with Nissan’s advanced work in the B2V field. ” David Woodhouse added: “ It was very exciting for the NDA team to help JB create his vision of the car of the future in a 1: 1 model ”.

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