The board of directors of the Volkswagen Group confirmed that it is working to rethink the future of some iconic brands in its group of subsidiaries: LamborghiniBugattiDucati and Italdesign. The fateful date is set for mid-November, in which a macro assembly will take part to try to understand how best to move the pieces so that the group’s capital can be significantly increased to over 200 billion. Nothing is excluded, from new partnerships to new purchases up to possible sales of these prestigious brands.

The problem seems to arise from the electric

Reuters allegedly spoke with two Volkswagen representatives, who remained anonymous, about the bombshell that broke out in recent days. The two allegedly reported that the problem would arise from the “electricity” issue since new platforms would be developed suitable for this power supply for supercar brands. Obviously, the investments required would be really huge, which would have made management stop to make too hasty decisions. Speaking of numbers, 4,554 Lamborghinis, 82 Bugattis and around 52,000 Ducatis were sold in 2019. A part of the board of directors would disagree on pursuing investments on the electric theme for these brands: their values ​​of purity and sportiness could be compromised by a future switch to electric. Herbert Diess, head of the group did not leave any statements.


Bugatti could be sold to Rimac, two parallel but opposite realities

With this time bomb destined to explode, we also begin to understand some news that had arrived in the editorial office in recent days. In fact, there is also talk of a first electric model by Bugatti, obviously a Hypercar with over 1000 HP but totally electric. It goes without saying that the imminent approach to Rimac Automobili, already accustomed to building electric super sports cars with that power, may not be so impossible. The circle comes full circle when it turns out that Porsche actually already owns 15% of the shares in Rimac, therefore it could be the beginning of a much bigger manoeuvre to entrust the Stuttgart brand with greater value, enriching the capitalization of Rimac, necessary to be able to create a 100% electrified model of Bugatti.

the future of Lamborghini, Ducati and Bugatti is uncertain

We repeat, for now, they are only rumours. We have not had any concrete confirmation, neither from the Volkswagen Group nor from Winkelmann of Bugatti and much less from Rimac, who closed with a dry: “ No comment “. Other rumours reveal that the green light has already been given by the German group, waiting only for official confirmation from the supervisory board. The idea would be to create an electric 2 + 2-seater super sports car, but Bugatti should also invest to expand its Molsheim plant, now saturated with the production of the Chiron. Despite the record year for Bugatti, both in terms of turnover and profits, the sale could be the only solution to keep the niche brand alive.


This could increase the stake Porsche holds in Rimac

In fact, after the death of Ferdinand Piech, the group would no longer seem to be willing to carry on the Bugatti project, which is expensive, difficult to manage and also risky due to the small number of units produced annually. The Piech family, owner of 50% of the Volkswagen shares, would still be wary of the operation, but the sale to Rimac would thus increase both the shareholding and the value of Porsche’s shares in the Croatian manufacturer and the game would be done.

the future of Lamborghini, Ducati and Bugatti is uncertain

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