We know him well by now: Elon Musk is one of those entrepreneurs who “look ahead”, who wants to leave a tangible mark on this world and who actually wants to do something to improve our planet. He is proving this with the various companies he is founder of, including Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and Boring Company, all of which seem to be connected in some way to each other to create a well-thought-out plan. Some details of the latter were revealed in a recent interview carried out by the New York Times, in which Musk practically put pen to paper his vision of the ideal future.

In an interview with the New York Times, the founder of Tesla revealed his ideas for a better future: from the conquest of Mars to “green” cars for everyone, without forgetting the Neuralink project

The South African entrepreneur first of all underlined the importance of converting the current automobile manufacturing industry towards a model based exclusively on the creation of electric cars , essential to help the planet at least slow down the radical shift of the balance carried out by man in the last decades. A difficult challenge to face but certainly fundamental for survival on Earth , in view of a far from reassuring future scenario that was also outlined in the recent Battery Day on Wall Street.

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On that occasion Musk, in reality, did not bring anything new to the stage, because his will is to grow his companies to move to the mass production of products aimed at maximum respect for the environment. In this sense, the intention is to make Tesla a leader in its sector in the next five years, during which to present also models intended for the mass public: a compact and, why not, a low-cost Chinese production?

This, however, is only the beginning… even if time is starting to run out. ” The longer we wait, the closer we get to the end of the world – said Musk in an interview with the New York Times – The balance of the planet has been altered and we cannot waste time: we cannot allow global warming to continue, nor for ice to continue. to melt by increasing the level of the oceans “. The possible solution to all this? Begin space exploration, starting from Mars: also because the Sun, in two billion years, is destined to explode, involving (and destroying) the Earth as well.

Space X

When this happens I’m not sure there will still be men on our planet, but if there are, they will surely die – continued Musk – We have to think about building a life somewhere else, or waiting helplessly for extinction. With SpaceX, our intention is to conquer Mars in the next two or three years, which will be a small step towards achieving this important goal

Speaking of ambitions, Elon Musk also talked about his project for an “advanced” brain type 2.0, which studies are currently underway thanks to the company Neuralink. The latest news is truly sensational: in the near future there will be the possibility of removing a part of our skull (!) And then reassembling it at will … not before having implanted inside it a microchip capable of controlling the electrical impulses of the brain. Its usefulness? Put a patch on the malfunctions of our body, allowing, for example, to get people back to walking in wheelchairs, or to treat rare diseases that today do not yet have a vaccine.

But that is not all! The chip under the skin will be able to make us communicate with animals, or to control electronic devices simply with the power of the mind: ” If in the future the chip implanted under the skin recognizes, for example, the will to press a button on an electronic device, then you can send that command without having to make any movement, ”confirmed Musk. In short, a real technological revolution that will certainly not be long in coming, but that could create serious ethics problems: what do you think?

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