Torsus Praetorian School Bus has all the appearance of an assault vehicle but is actually a bus to go to school. Thanks to its 240 HP of power and special wheels it is capable of climbing climbs with slopes up to 33 ° and 70 cm deep fords.

The Praetorian School Bus is the name of the bus built by Torsus to allow children who live in particularly disadvantaged areas to be able to travel safely from home to school.

Torsus Praetorian School Bus: the characteristics

Torsus is a company founded in 2016 with headquarters in the Czech Republic and a production center in Slovakia. It operates and sells worldwide to clients in the heavy industry, utilities and utility sectors. The Torsus Praetorian School Bus is based on a Man chassis, but a series of changes have been made that make it suitable for traveling in the most diverse and difficult conditions. The most obvious is the increased ground clearance compared to the standard version (it almost looks like a military vehicle) and the 4 × 4 tractions. The first version was conceived to be a vehicle for workers, but immediately afterward its usefulness was also endorsed for those students whose journey from home to school and vice versa is particularly difficult. The Praetorian is equipped with a 6.9-liter diesel engine (approved according to Euro 6 standards), capable of delivering a maximum power of 240 hp and a maximum torque of 925 Nm. Very interesting values ​​that allow it to go on any terrain even climb with slopes up to 33 ° or 70 cm deep fords.

The Extreme School Bus Torsus Praetorian

A nice hand is also given by the special Michelin tires. The seats are coated with a special polymer and decorated as if they were school blackboards; movable armrests are optional. This school bus can carry up to 35 people and the price should be around 170,000 euros.

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