A young Canadian was stopped last July because he was sleeping while he was traveling in a Tesla Model S at 150 kilometers per hour on the highway, with the Autopilot on. He was initially accused of speeding only but was subsequently charged with dangerous driving and will have to go to trial on January 29, near Edmonton.

Tesla Autopilot the Canadian who slept behind the wheel on trial


Always be vigilant

The driver, therefore, relied exclusively on the assisted driving of the electric car, without remaining alert and responsible while driving. Thus going against the law of Canada (and beyond), whereby the driver assistance assists the driver but does not replace him.

Even the manufacturers themselves, including Tesla, reiterate the need to always be ready to intervene, even in the case of advanced Level 2 driving assistance, such as Autopilot.


A case that will make jurisprudence

The case will have an important effect on a legislative and media level, as it has no precedent and could thus make jurisprudence for similar future cases, related to assisted driving.

“It will be one of the first times that autonomous car driving will be considered by the courts, ever – the words of Canadian criminal lawyer Kyle Lee to the local media Global News – This will, I believe, lead to really important decisions by the court on what are the obligations of a driver in autonomous driving mode “.

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