Basic versions are insufficient? Not with the Ford Bronco. Terrain purists will be happy with the entry-level model!

Ford brought back the legendary Bronco! With the new edition of the icon, fans have full freedom of choice: a puristic commercial vehicle or a fully equipped off-road hammer. Purists among Bronco customers are getting a real bargain. As a basic two-door version, the untamed horse costs less than $ 30,000 in the US!

Not Bad Equipment for The Base

Anyone in the United States who opts for a basic Bronco with the cheapest price will get the off-road vehicle with two doors. As a four-door model, the off-roader already costs $ 34,695. The basic version already comes with all-wheel drive and an electronically operated two-speed transfer case. A 2.3-litre four-cylinder with 274 hp and 420 Nm works under the hoodThe engine is translated via a seven-speed manual transmission with additional crawler gear. Even the cheapest Bronco has the new terrain management system “GOAT” with five off-road driving modes. This means that the Bronco is ideally equipped for different surfaces.

The “Base” -Bronco comes as standard on silver-painted 16-inch steel rims and is therefore the only representative in the portfolio without aluminum wheels. Ford’s fourth generation of the sync system provides entertainment in the interior. In the low-priced Bronco, it is controlled via an 8-inch touchscreen. You can sit on fabric seats, the floor mats are made of fabric and resemble a carpet. That doesn’t necessarily sound like the interior is off-road, but this fact is quickly forgotten if you look at the removable doors and the removable roof.

In Practice, the Price Will Be Higher

Buyers in the US don’t pay the price on the price list either. US prices are always advertised without taxes; depending on the state and region, these vary significantly in some cases. Nevertheless, it can be said that Ford has put together a decent package here. The basic model will be sufficient for most off-roaders. If you want a bigger engine, a better all-wheel drive and a more solid look, you probably have to dig into your wallet.

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