Unique model made by the Squadra Corse, the Lamborghini SC20 derives technically from the Aventador SVJ and has a 6.5 770 hp engine.

The Amazing New Lamborghini SC20

AS IN THE 1950s

In recent years, Barchetta-type road cars have come back into vogue, very sporty without the windshield and roof, spiritual heirs of those that raced in the 1950s. the Lamborghini does not want to be less and has unveiled the SC20, exemplary only ordered from a wealthy client and realized by the racing team, the department that develops the Lamborghini racing.



The Amazing New Lamborghini SC20

The Lamborghini SC20 has angular and gritty shapes, in the purest style of the brand. The front is low and short, as befits supercars, and houses two oblique air intakes. In the lower part, the pronounced spoiler with aerodynamic function can be seen. As in the boats of the past, there is no windshield.



The side of the Lamborghini SC20, in which the door is present, is characterized by the large duct that brings fresh air to the V12 engine, which is housed in the central-rear position, while the tail seems to come from a racing car: has a huge three-position adjustable wing, depending on the aerodynamic load you want to impart; two protruding exhausts and a large air extractor, essential for aerodynamic purposes to generate the ground effect.



The Amazing New Lamborghini SC20

The cabin of the Lamborghini SC20 is essential, but not poor, and offers materials of the highest quality: the door panels, the central tunnel, some parts of the steering wheel, and the seat shells are in carbon fiber, for the handles billet aluminum was used on the doors and the air diffusers were produced by 3D printing. The white, black, and blue interior trim match the white and blue chosen for the bodywork.



On a technical level, the Lamborghini SC20 derives from the Aventador SVJ and therefore incorporates the four-wheel-drive system, the 7-speed robotic transmission, and the 6.5 engine without turbo, with 770 HP of power and 720 Nm of torque, whose symphony it can be enjoyed almost without filters: the two passengers sit literally a few centimeters from the engine.

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