Produced in a limited series, the new Berardo is the work of Taraschi who, based on the modern BMW i8, creates a car with an antique flavour.

underneath is a BMW i8



A little-known piece of Italian automotive history is back today: we are talking about Taraschi, the workshop of the driver and entrepreneur Berardo Taraschi who built over a hundred cars between the late 40s and 1960s racing in the Sport, Formula 2 and Formula Junior categories. Successful cars in their championships that joined the sports enterprises of the founder (who came to participate in several Formula 1 GPs with a modified Ferrari single-seater), but which after his retirement from racing were soon forgotten by many. But sixty years later, the Modenese company 1-Off specialized in the creation of unique pieces and Berardo Taraschi’s son, Tazio, have brought to light the Abruzzo brand with a new sports car produced in a limited series.



His name is Taraschi Berardo, after the founder, and is a 2 + 2 plug-in hybrid coupe built on the basis of the BMW i8. From the German, it inherits the carbon monocoque and the powertrain, revised in the exhaust and in the electronic management: the millecinque three-cylinder turbo (rear-central) and the electric motor positioned on the front axle (powered by an 11.6 kWh battery pack) they deliver a total power of 420 hp, over 55 hp more than the production car. The modifications have also made it possible to save around fifty kilos in the rear area for the benefit of weight distribution. On request, customers can then opt for a further increase in power to around 480 HP combined with an increased braking system (also of the carbon-ceramic type).



underneath is a BMW i8

A “kinship”, the one with the German hybrid, which pays homage to the first two-seater of Taraschi, a 750 Sport powered by the BMW R75 boxer motorcycle engine, but which “disappears” in the eyes of the observer once in front of the design of the car: almost thirty centimetres longer and more than six centimetres wider, the Taraschi Berardo has an original body made of hand-beaten aluminium. A constructive method that ideally connects the new car to the 1950s and which is created by Quality Cars, a body shop specializing in the restoration of vintage cars. The shapes are rounded, devoid of showy aerodynamic appendages and highlight the shapes of the wheel arches.



Even inside the Taraschi Berardo, every surface of the passenger compartment has been revised: here the relationship with the BMW i8 is more evident, but the customer can request a complete overhaul of the dashboard design to make it even more unique the car. Each panel is covered in leather and while the plastics and metal inserts have given way to mahogany wood, another reference to the cars of the past. The Taraschi Berardo will be built in a limited series to order at a starting price of 800,000 euros.

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