Suzuki looks ahead and begins to design a new futuristic concept car that looks like it just came out of a video game, here is the Suzuki Ikigai. An SUV-Crossover that brings with it a particularly evocative design, with the front of the concept sporting a thin LED light bar, a series of large air intakes, a translucent hood with vent, and no traditional grille. Because? Because the designer Piccarini designed the vehicle to be equipped with an electrified powertrain which would include small motors on each of the wheels and a battery pack located at the base of its platform.

Suzuki Ikigai

The Ikigai has a massive set of wheels and tiny cameras instead of traditional side mirrors. The rear wheel arches are particularly prominent and give a feeling of muscularity to the whole car body.

Side B features a horizontal LED, positioned between the two brake lights, and a single dual bubble roof that supports two active rear spoilers. Under the rear side, there is also a large diffuser with the intent of attaching the Suzuki Ikigai to the road. The futuristic look continues in the cabin and includes a digital dashboard that wraps around the entire cabin, a racing car (or video game) inspired steering wheel with digital display and seats bolted directly into the body.

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