Aptera is a 3-wheeled car approved for 3 people. It can have all-wheel or front-wheel drive and different ranges.

The solar powered electric car is a reality and costs 21,000 euros. The dream of every green car enthusiast is currently on sale in the United States and is proposed by the American Aptera Motors.

Solar electric car is a reality

Compact with record aerodynamics

It is a three-wheeled electric car with a composite bodywork that guarantees a record aerodynamic coefficient (CX) of 0.13. Its dimensions are true compact with a length of 4.37 meters, the width of 2.24, and height of 1.45.


Solar autonomy

In terms of autonomy, Aptera has the upper part of the body, equal to 3 square meters, covered with 180 photovoltaic cells. Thus the guaranteed autonomy is 72 km without ever being recharged thanks to the solar panels.

solar powered electric car


Different batteries

The car is approved for three people but realistically for two adults and a child. Obviously, it can also have a battery but the capacity is variable according to the customer’s choice. There are four possibilities with different ranges: from 25 kWh (402 km), 40 kWh (643 km), 60 kWh (965 km), or 100 kWh (1,600 km).

Solar electric car is a reality

Engines and performance

You can also choose the type of traction of your Aptera which can be 135 HP front or 203 HP all-wheel drive. Specifically, each electric unit delivers about 67 HP and you can choose whether to have two front motors or three motors: 2 at the front and one at the rear. In terms of performance, the data provided by the Manufacturer relate to the version with the most powerful accumulator (100 kWh) which accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 3.5 seconds and reaches a self-limited maximum speed of 177 km / h


Price list

By paying a deposit of $ 100 (refundable) you can access the reservation of your Aptera but the versions with 100 kWh accumulator with 1,600 km of autonomy that will be produced starting from 2021 are already sold out. In addition, you can customize the car’s solar panel coverage on 4 levels with a surcharge of up to 900 euros. The prices start from 25,900 to $ 46,900 (from 21,000 to 38,637 euro).