Among the paths taken by Renault, which often stands out for the audacity and courage of the stylistic choices of its innovative concepts projected into the future, who knows that soon there will be no space for something similar to the Renault Project 01 protagonist of this interesting graphic project.

Renault Project 01

The reference to the Megane of 2004

The render of the Renault Project 01, created by the young designer Marco Zafferana, gives shape to a modern and futuristic vehicle that is however linked to the prestigious tradition of the Losanga. As its author himself explains, the Renault Project 01 draws inspiration from the heritage of the French brand. Already from the first glance, especially the silhouette, the reference of this digital car to the shapes and proportions of the 2004 Renault Megane is clear and evident.

Renault Project 01

Large rear pillar that joins the spoiler

The clearest reference to the five-door Renault Megane launched 16 years ago is in the large and thick rear pillar, which characterizes the entire stylistic system of the Renault Project 01, which instead adopts a three-door body. C-pillar that extends towards the tail until it becomes a single element with the generous rear spoiler that extends over the rear window. The side, on the other hand, focuses on essentiality with a minimal and sculptural design, creating a muscular and athletic car body that leverages an effective play of light and shadow.


Modern touches inspired by the Trezor and Symbioz concepts

On the Renault Project 01, there is no shortage of stylistic references to the most current design of the Losanga, such as the front luminous signature with headlights and central logo inspired by the recent Trezor and Symbioz concepts, as well as the most current inspiration are also the fins on the hood and rear.

Renault Project 01

Limited edition details

Among the most characteristic details of the Renault Project 01 is the rear fin that divides the spoiler on the tail in two, a red aluminum card on which the serial number of the car is applied (imagining, therefore, an exclusive limited edition) contained in a transparent cover with the illuminated Renault logo on the central part of the vertical edge.

Renault Project 01

Maybe hybrid or electric

As for the engine, this daring three-door from Renault, projecting its shape and spirit towards the future, could only opt for a green power supply, thus imagining the presence under the hood of a hybrid or fully electric propulsion system.

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