The Porsche Taycan enters the Guinness Book of World Records thanks to the longest drift ever made with an electric vehicle. The new world record for the battery-powered German was set at the Porsche Experience Center at the Hockenheimring, where Porsche instructor Dennis Retera completed 210 laps of the 200-meter-long drift ring without ever pointing the front wheels towards the corner: a single continuous drift of 55 minutes, covering a total of 42,171 kilometers in drift. During this venture, the car used, which maintained an average speed of 46 km / h, was the rear-wheel-drive Taycan, already on sale in China. 

The words of the author of the record company

“When the ride stability devices are deactivated, it is very easy to make a power slide with the electric Porsche, especially with this rear-wheel-drive version,” explains Dennis Retera. “You always have enough power available. The low center of gravity and long wheelbase ensure vehicle stability. The precise chassis and steering configuration allows perfect control at all times, even when the car is moving sideways ”. The Dutchman, now a head instructor at the Porsche Experience Center in Hockenheim, previously competed in the kart and single-seater categories and participated in endurance races. “However, it was also very tiring to keep concentration high for 210 laps – continues Retera – especially because the irrigated asphalt of the drifting circuit does not guarantee homogeneous grip. I focused on drift control with the steering, an approach that is more efficient than using the accelerator pedal and reduces the risk of spinning. ”

Porsche Taycan Longest Drift Sets in Guinness World Record

A pioneering enterprise, another record

The Porsche Taycan ‘s record attempt took place under the supervision of the official judge of the Guinness Book of Records, Joanne Brent, who commented: “We have seen some drifting records before, but the fact that a car was involved electric sports car was something very special for us too. In this case, Porsche has really done something pioneering ”.

This new record is added to the other records already conquered by the Porsche Taycan, such as that of the endurance of 24 hours over 3,425 km obtained on the high-speed track of Nardò, of the best time (7 ′: 42 ″) in the category conquered at the Nurburgring or 26 sprints from a standstill at 200 km / h at the Lahr airfield. 

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