Porsche has unveiled some interesting concepts left in the drawer among which there is also 919 Street. The name of this prototype of the Stuttgart company clearly refers to the Porsche 919 Hybrid, a racing car of enormous success in motorsport endurance competitions with over 33 races won three constructors ‘championships and three drivers’ championships.

Porsche 919 Street

Evocative design of the LPM1 racing car

With the 919 Street Porsche transformed the design and mechanical technology of that racing car into a car that could (theoretically) be driven on the road. Created as a realistic 1: 1 scale model, the Porsche 919 Street has shapes and proportions that are immediately reminiscent of the 919 Hybrid. At the front, a pair of large headlights and the shortened hood with protruding wheel arches stand out. Like the LMP1 racing car, the cockpit is placed in a very forward position, including the wraparound windshield and small side windows. A new ad hoc wheelset has been developed for this concept.


Distinctive rear

The similarities of the concept to the 919 Hybrid continue in the shape of the roofline and the large shark fin in the center. However, while the race car had a huge rear wing, 919 Street instead features a thinner, well-integrated rear wing that connects the two sides, incorporating a full-width LED light bar into it. on the tail. Then you can see the two strips of vertical LED lights that characterize the side parts of the rear, also acting as aerodynamic elements. Added to this are the large diffuser and two high-mounted tailpipes that protrude directly from the bonnet.


From the engine to the monocoque, there’s a lot of 919 Hybrid

Porsche 919 Street

Technically and mechanically, the Porsche 919 Street is imagined with the same hybrid powertrain as the 919 Hybrid, based on a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder with an energy recovery system. In addition, with the racing car, this concept also shares the monocoque, the dimensions, and the wheelbase in carbon fiber. Although it will never see the light of day, the Porsche 919 Street will be exhibited in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart starting next year.

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