63 or 87 kWh battery, front or all-wheel drive e-4orce and also a 290 kW performance variant. Here is all the information on Japanese electronics

Nissan presented the Ariya , an electric car that not only represents a new model but opens the way for a next generation of cars with which the Japanese manufacturer is projecting itself into the future. In fact, between now and the end of 2021, Nissan will present 12 electrified models (including electric and hybrid) that will completely renew the range.

Precisely for this reason, Ariya introduces many new elements: from the new platform to the new design, from the new powertrain to the new infotainment system. To mark the change even more clearly, the car also makes its debut with the new logo, which from being chromed becomes luminous, precisely to mark the projection towards a future. The platform on which it is born is also new: it is called CMF-EV and has been designed to be the basis for zero-emission models only. It will soon be used for other models as well, including some cars branded by other brands of the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance.

Nissan Ariya: exterior

Long 4.59 meters , Nissan has Ariya crossover body: the bonnet top, muscular side, generous wheel. But also a racy roof, a sharp muzzle and a receding tail. The car body blends the typical elements of an SUV with those of sportier cars. The presence of these two souls is underlined by a two-tone paint , with a contrasting roof.

Nissan Ariya Exterior

The car reinterprets the Nissan style in a modern way and is proposed as a sort of Qashqai of the future. Thus, for example, the grille remains trapezoidal in shape , but instead of the grille it offers a closed cover (being electric it does not need fresh air to cool the engine). The grille also features two LED daytime running lights that run along the sides and make the car easily recognizable even in the dark. Behind, then, the horizontally developing headlights are joined by a light bar that runs along the entire width of the car body.

Nissan Ariya: interior

Onboard, too, Nissan has tried to give the Ariya a modern image. Striking are the two monitors side by side that seem to form a single panel. The first, located behind the steering wheel, is dedicated to instrumentation, while the second is reserved for infotainment. From this point of view, the car offers a new entertainment system with software equipped with Over-the-air updates, which therefore allow you to switch to a more advanced software version remotely, as happens on normal smartphones.

On the Ariya we also appreciate the generous interior space, dictated by the fact that the electric powertrain that drives it has smaller dimensions than a traditional propulsion scheme and by the fact that the car has a long wheelbase, to the benefit of the centimetres reserved for the passenger compartment.

Nissan Ariya: engines

From a mechanical point of view, the Ariya offers an articulated range. There are two battery cuts available, from 63 or 87 kWh . Both can be combined with schemes equipped with one or two electric motors . In the first case the car will have simple front wheel drive , in the second it will be able to exploit the advantages of four-wheel drive. The scheme, baptized e-4orce , uses an all-wheel drive in which the two axles are not connected by mechanical parts but are coordinated by an electronic control unit that guarantees traction and directionability even in conditions of poor grip by directing variable quantities of drive torque to the individual wheels.

Nissan Ariya Engines

At the top of the offer will be placed the Ariya Performance , with 87 kWh battery, e-4orce traction but enhanced powertrain. Regardless of the version, Ariya’s batteries can be recharged through a normal domestic socket, through a wallbox and even at rapid columns up to 130 kW . Below all the available models:

  • Ariya 63 kWh 2wd: 160 kW of power, 360 km of autonomy
  • Ariya 87 kWh 2wd: 178 kW of power, 500 km of autonomy
  • Ariya 63 kWh e-4orce: 205 kW of power, 340 km of autonomy
  • Ariya 87 kWh e-4orce: 225 kW of power, 460 km of autonomy
  • Ariya 87 kWh e-4orce Performance: 290 kW of power, 400 km of autonomy

Nissan Ariya: prices

Prices for the Nissan Ariya have not yet been disclosed. The car will only be available for order starting next January and will arrive at the dealership in the second half of 2021 . It is already known, however, that it will be equipped with all the latest technologies available at Nissan, including the advanced version of the ProPilot , a package of devices related to active safety which includes, among other things, adaptive cruise control, active maintenance. of the lane , the blind spot monitoring , emergency braking with the recognition of pedestrians and cyclists and blind spot monitor .

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