New rumours about a future on the stock market for  Lamborghini almost exactly one year after the previous rumours. According to the Reuters agency, Volkswagen has begun to define a project to make the Emilian company more autonomous and to evaluate long-term agreements for the supply of components and the transfer of technologies to the Sant’Agata Bolognese manufacturer. Basically, in Wolfsburg they would be taking the first steps to facilitate a listing of Lamborghini following the same path undertaken several years ago by Fiat Chrysler with Ferrari

Still no decision

The Emilian manufacturer, according to the agency, would only be partially listed because the Germans intend to keep a controlling stake. For now, no final or formal decision has been made and there are no details on the timing of the operation either. According to the rumors, however, bankers and potential investors have already been contacted for a possible IPO (the initial public offer for landing on the stock exchange). It has certainly been clear for days how several Volkswagen Group brands have ended up at the center of strategic evaluations at the highest managerial levels in Wolfsburg: this is demonstrated by recent rumors about ongoing negotiations for the sale of the Croatian RimacThe future of the brand from Molsheim and Lamborghini, as well as that of Ducati, would have been discussed last Friday by the supervisory board of Volkswagen. In particular, the best options would have been established to start the three brands on the electrification path already taken by all the other companies of the group. 

Diess’s words

Various clues and statements reinforce the hypotheses about upcoming important decisions, not only for Lamborghini. First of all, the Volkswagen group usually defines budgets and strategies for years to come in the period between October and November. Furthermore, managing director Herbert Diess assured yesterday that the manufacturer intends to announce “important steps” relating to its future before the end of the year. These decisions could be linked to a broader reorganization and rationalization plan that has already recorded some significant operations in the past. To free up resources for electrification and reduce the complexity of the organizational structure, Renk and starting a sales process for Man Energy Solutions, which specializes in large diesel engines. The abandonment of the latter was, however, blocked at the beginning of August, despite the interest of large companies such as the American Cummins and the Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. In recent years, the same fate has befallen Ducati, one step away from selling to Harley-Davidson before the turnaround explicitly wanted by the German unions. Certainly, Volkswagen is examining in depth what role Lamborghini, Bugatti and Ducati will be able to play within a multi-brand automotive group increasingly striving towards the search for synergies, economies of scale, savings and therefore greater profitability. A group ready to leave behind the “grandeur” inherited from the former patron Ferdinand Piech.  

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