The full hybrid technology allows you to travel around the city in 100% electric mode and enjoy thrilling performances outside the city walls.

For 2020, the new Renault Clio also becomes hybrid . In other words, it is offered with a full-hybrid type system that allows the car to drive exclusively in electric mode, especially at low speeds, without the need for external charging. The abbreviation E-Tech corresponds to the new technology that the French brand has developed for its range of cars, also exploiting the know-how acquired in the world of Formula 1. The starting point is the new 1.6 petrol engine of new generation capable of accommodate both the full-hybrid system, in fact, and the Plug-In Hybrid mounted for example on Captur and Megane.


"Automatic" refill

On the new Renault Clio , this 91 HP engine is combined with a 49 HP electric motor and a starter, for a total power of 140 HP (for a weight increase of about 10 kg of the car compared to the dCi 115 version). All associated with an innovative clutch-free Multi-mode transmission that makes shifting extremely smooth. And not only that, because the absence of the clutch allows the engine to always start in 100% electric mode.

We start, therefore, in complete silence and with a reactivity of the car that only electric traction can ensure. In the city it is possible to travel almost only in electric mode (during our test almost 90% of the time), as the heat engine comes into play only after about 75 km / h (speed that is not reached in the city never) or when there is a particular demand for shooting power, or when the battery level is low.

“Automatic” refill

Yes, because, as mentioned at the beginning, the full-hybrid system does not allow external recharging but provides that the battery is basically recharged in two ways: by the heat engine, in fact, and by the energy recovery system that works during braking or deceleration. . Not surprisingly, thanks also and above all to the technology already used on Zoe, on the new hybrid Clio we find the driving mode B-Mode which accentuates the “engine brake” precisely with the aim of recovering more energy during deceleration: as far as it is strong force applied by the electric motor when braking, it is almost a mode that allows you to drive using only the accelerator pedal. The only drawback, but it could not be done otherwise, is that the trunk saw its volume shrink from 391 liters to 300 liters, due to the batteries positioned right on the rear axle.


Driving pleasure

If in the city you travel in almost exclusively electric mode, with consumption that can even reach below 3l / 100km, in the mixed you can appreciate the great power of this engine, always ready for the low (thanks to the electric motor) and rich in torque. even in the middle range, for an appreciable boost in all situations: when maximum performance is required from the car, both “engines” give their best (just as happens, for example, in F1) and the result is truly exciting. According to data declared by Renault, the new Clio hybrid manages to accelerate from 0 to 50 km / h in 3.9 seconds with a recovery from 80 to 120 km / h in 6.9 seconds. In this case, the consumption declared in the mixed cycle is equal to 4.3 / l / 100km.


The new Clio E-Tech Hybrid is available with prices starting from 21,950 euros in the ZEN set-up. However, it is also offered in the E-Tech Limited Series (25,400 euros) which stands out not only for additional equipment than the INTENS level, but also for a series of details that enhance the design of the vehicle inside and out, such as specific badges, exclusive upholstery. , copper tones at the level of the air intakes of the front bumper, rims and hubcaps. It should also be remembered that the hybrid Clio fully falls into the category that can take advantage of state incentives equal to 1,000 euros or 1,750 euros in case of scrapping.



The hybrid Clio emits 96 grams of CO2 / km (WLTP values) and enjoys all the ecological advantages that institutions recognize to hybrid cars (which may be different in some regions), such as the exemption of the stamp for three years, free parking on the blue lines, facilitated or free access to ZTL areas and permission to circulate during traffic blocks. Therefore, it is easy to deduce that this version can be particularly suitable for all those who perhaps live near a large urban center and can not only enjoy an advantage relating to particularly low consumption, but above all can take advantage of all the facilities, hybrid.

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