The new track creature from the Maranello company is the Modified Ferrari 488 GT, this is the name of the racing car just unveiled by the Prancing Horse. It is a limited edition model that combines the best of the technologies developed for both the 488 GT3 and the 488 GTE. The Modified 488 GT can only be used during track days and official events organized by the Ferrari Club Competizioni GT. 

700 HP twin-turbo V8 engine

Under the hood of this new Ferrari “track-only” supercar is a twin-turbo V8 engine that develops 700 hp, more than the GT3 and GTE variants of the 488 have. The optimization work is done on the gearbox and the presence of the carbon fiber clutch helps the driver manage the increase in power and torque compared to the two racing sisters.


It combines the best of the GT3 and GTE variants of the 488

Ferrari explains that the 488 GT Modifica must be thought of as a sort of mix between the 488 GT3 and the 488 GTE , a synthesis that combines their most effective and innovative technical, mechanical and aerodynamic solutions. In addition, this new model also benefits from the fact that its engine must not, unlike the GT3 and GTE, comply with the limits imposed by the FIA ​​regulations. 

The Modified Ferrari 488 GT also enjoys improved downforce, thanks to a series of features that allow the car to generate greater downforce at the front without increasing overall drag, which means it becomes less sensitive to changes in the angle of the car. rear wing. The total downforce generated is over 1,000 kilograms at a speed of 230 km / h.

Modified Ferrari 488 GT

Carbon bodywork and Brembo brakes

Like the 488 GTE, the Modified 488 GT has a body made entirely of carbon fiber, with the exception of the roof and pillars which are made of aluminum. The braking system of this new racing Ferrari was developed together with Brembo and features low residual torque calipers such as those mounted on the most performing cars in motorsport. The ABS system is instead derived from the 488 GT3 EVO 2020, but with specific specifications for the Modified GT.

Modified Ferrari 488 GT

V-Box and Bosch telemetry

The standard equipment includes a V-Box that works in conjunction with Bosch’s telemetry data acquisition system, the high-resolution rearview camera, a second seat, and the TPMS system for measuring tire temperature and pressure. When it comes to customization, buyers of the Modified 488 GT can get pretty much anything they want in terms of aesthetics on both the exterior and interior.


As this is a limited series model, Ferrari will initially sell the Modified 488 GT only to drivers who have recently participated in GT competitions with the Prancing Horse or with the Ferrari Club Competizioni GT, with the latter’s 2021 calendar featuring several appointments on prestigious circuits around the world, including Virginia International Raceway, Monza, Watkins GLen, Suzuka and Nurburgring.


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