With the Urbanaut prototype, the Mini wants to give anticipation of what the cars of the future will be like: clean, suitable for the city and open spaces but, above all, for traveling lounges that adapt to the needs of passengers.

Mini Vision Urbanaut


The Mini offers a range that goes beyond the small car that made it famous. And in the future, in addition to the Clubman and Countryman, new models will arrive to enrich the choice. To explore new paths in the field of design and technology, the English house today announces the Mini Vision Urbanaut prototype, a 446 cm long electric minivan that shows how the style of future models could be.

HIDDEN HEADLIGHTS – The Vision Urbanaut has round headlights like the Minis of the past, but the light clusters are camouflaged under the milled aluminum surface with slotted openings: thus, they remain hidden and appear only when switched on. In addition, they extend horizontally in the front and have LEDs that light up selectively, creating lighting effects when the driver approaches the car or moves away. The large grille, now with eight sides, is wider and “fills” the front more, but is closed as in many electric cars: thus improving aerodynamics and efficiency.



The Mini Vision Urbanaut’s bodywork has smooth surfaces and proportions typical of minivans because the wheels are located at the ends of the floor and the sloping hood is reduced to a minimum. In addition, instead of the traditional doors, there is a sliding one on the right side. If the front pillars are arched, the rear ones are almost vertical and thus allow to maximize the space inside. The designers of the English house, led by the German Oliver Heilmer, have also renewed the design of the headlights: they are vertically developed as in the other Minis, but become thinner, angular and have a luminous strip that extends horizontally in the back, where it stands out. the word Mini.

Mini Vision Urbanaut


And so, thanks to the long wheelbase and the large windows, the Mini Vision Urbanaut offers a bright and modular interior depending on the use of the car. In the standard configuration, called Wanderlust, there are two front seats and as many, but smaller, in the second row, where there is also a shelf; in the Chill, the interior becomes a sort of relaxation room: the front seat rotates 180 ° and the dashboard lowers, becoming a real sofa (the Vision Urbanaut is equipped with autonomous driving). In addition, the rear seats come together and the sofa becomes a real chaise longue. Then there is the Vibe configuration, to be recalled with the car parked: the interior does not change compared to the Chill, but it is possible to raise the lower part of the windscreen and open the side door, in order to enjoy the outdoors. In addition, the passenger compartment of the Mini Vision Urbanaut can be further customized by the passengers, because there is a glass in the rear pillar trim: underneath, photographs can be inserted.

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