IONIQ Concept Cabin is the result of the collaboration between LG and Hyundai that aims to enrich the standard equipment of electric cars beyond the imaginable limits . The basic idea is to make the most of the space offered by vehicles that do without the engine and mechanical components of endothermic cars. Spaces used to house devices that greatly improve comfort (both while driving and when the vehicle is stationary). The futuristic concept shown today actually mutates systems and equipment that usually find space in homes and not in cars , thus presenting itself as an innovative home on four wheels .

More specifically, on board are first of all:

  • A capsule coffee machine
  • A compartment under the seat that dries and refreshes shoes
  • A wardrobe that keeps clothes clean and wrinkle-free while traveling
  • A mini fridge

The highlight of the set-up is the flexible 77 “OLED screen that covers a large part of the ceiling. Rear passengers can adjust the radius of curvature; such a large surface also allows the panel to be split in two to allow each passenger to see at the same time a different content. Finally, the speakers integrated into the headrests are able to create a sound zone for each occupant.


When the vehicle is stationary and without passengers, a sliding bar protrudes from the base of the seats and takes care of cleaning the floor, collecting crumbs and small debris. At the same time, the UV LED lights come on and sanitize the passenger compartment.

IONIQ Concept Cabin is a concept that may take some time to turn into a commercial product. In the future, however, ever richer installations could find space in electric cars, perhaps in self-driving ones. LG has renewed its interest in the connected car sector at CES 2020, but with the project carried out together with Hyundai, it admits that it wants to aim for much further.

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