The Land Rover Group is planning to expand the Defender range with a smaller-scale variant, scheduled for 2022 and with a price of less than 30 thousand euros

Throughout its history, the Defender produced by Land Rover has always stood out for being an imposing SUV, capable of coping with any situation on the road… and even off-road. Its shapes, however, led the British brand to revise its proposal in order to create a smaller, more agile, and more easily usable vehicle in everyday life.

Land Rover Baby Version Defender Coming in 2022


With these assumptions and in view of a possible future update of the Defender, the Jaguar Land Rover Group would be simultaneously already working on a “baby” version of this Sport Utility Vehicle with a thousand uses, which would inherit the shapes and characteristics of its older brother by reducing, at the same time, its overall size.

The most evident changes, as you can see in the photos accompanying this article, will therefore be on the dimensions (reduced) in length and width, which will be followed by a slightly “downward” update regarding the quality of the interior materials, less nobles, and the amount of technology available to driver and passengers.

Land Rover Baby Version Defender Coming in 2022

All this to keep the final price as low as possible within the figure of 25 thousand pounds, that is to say, just under 30 thousand euros, with which you can choose, at launch, the various configurations with three-cylinder 1.5-liter front-wheel-drive petrol. After the debut, which in any case will not take place before 2022, an all-wheel-drive variant and the one with a plug-in hybrid powertrain should also arrive … but this is all to be confirmed.

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