The myth becomes electric, the Lancia Delta Integrale through a retrofit kit was equipped with an electric motor and a battery to power it. The Deltone purists will probably twist the restomod operated by the Exclusiv-e division of GCK, a French sports team active in numerous rally competitions. GCK announcing the project stated that it will make more examples of the electric Delta Integrale.

Didier Auriol, French driver winner of 11 rallies with Lancia and World Champion with Toyota in 1994, also collaborates with the restomod.


Features of Lancia Delta Integrale Electric

GCK can count on a long experience in rallying, rallycross and raid (including the Dakar) and the new electric Delta will make its way on these terrains. From a technical point of view, not too much data was released.

Lancia Delta Integrale Electric

According to the first rumors, the Delta Evo-e maintains all-wheel drive and will be subjected to a slimming treatment to make room for the electric motor and the battery.

Therefore some elements of the body will be replaced with modern and light pieces, such as carbon fiber . Speaking of the prolusole group, being an all-wheel drive car, it could mount an electric unit at the front and one at the rear, with the total power that will be 147 kW (200 hp) , i.e. the same as the original model.


Restomod Lancia Delta Integrale Electric

The restomod of the electric Lancia Delta Integrale will be able to count on a total of 47 units , of which 36 Evo-e and 11 Evo-e Rally , the latter characterized by particularly high performance. Meanwhile, the first prototypes were tested by Auriol on the French circuit of Charade , who at the end of the test said he was satisfied.

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“ I am delighted that GCK has chosen Delta as the first model of the Exclusiv-e. This car brings to mind so many memories – said the driver who drove the original Delta in the World Rally Championship between 1989 and 1992 – I was rather skeptical before trying the Evo-e, but now I can guarantee that his sensations driving are exceptional. “

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