Lamborghini has always managed to leave enthusiasts speechless and, once again, a frightening novelty arrives: the Sant’Agata Bolognese company presented the new Essenza SCV12, a track-only super car characterized by latest generation technical solutions.

Track weapon

The aesthetic of the Essenza SCV12 is elongated and is inspired by that of the Aventador. The headlights seem to have been removed , but in the lower part of the bumper, just above the splitter, you can see LED headlights to illuminate the track in the case of night driving. The aerodynamics are exasperated: at the rear the enormous air extractor and the real GT wing stand out; seen from the side it looks like a real bullet. Think that the downforce at 250 km / h reaches 1,200 kg.

The interiors have nothing to do with those of a production car: just like in racing everything superfluous has been removed, the steering wheel has the controls for managing the electronics and there are OMP racing seats . The Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 is the first GT designed to comply with the safety standards of the FIA ​​regulations for prototypes.


The naturally aspirated V12 par excellence

Under the body of the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 hides a carbon fiber monocoque frame and a record-breaking aspirated V12 engine: in fact, this is the most powerful V12 block built by the Sant’Agata Bolognese company. The peak power exceeds 830 hp thanks to the contribution of dynamic supercharging at high speeds and the weight / power ratio is 1.66 kg / hp. Obviously, the drive is rear and the push-rod rear suspension is installed directly on the six-speed X-trac gearbox.

Only 40 units of the new Lamborghini Essenza SCV12  will be produced , although the price has not yet been declared. In addition, future customers will join an exclusive club that will give access to driving programs to pilot their hypercar in all the most prestigious circuits in the world. The program also includes the storage service in a new hangar built in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

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