How the new Jeep Rubicon Gladiator JT is made, features and off-road testing with the V6 turbo petrol engine 3,600 8-speed automatic transmission. Customized version with special off-road accessories produced by the Roman company Rock’s 4X4.
Road and off-road test of the new Jeep Gladiator JT with beautiful customization made by Rock’s 4 × 4. After the first appearance in Italy at the Jeep Camp for Gladiator-based Rubicon could prove it with great anticipation along with the friends ELABORARE4x4 (magazine recommended for lovers of trips and excursions by jeep), the first official arrival in the network Jeep Italy to FCA. Let’s find out how the Gladiator JT is done inside and outside, with all the technical features, how it goes off-road and how to customize it with special and specific accessories for the most extreme and demanding off-road vehicle.

Jeep Rubicon Gladiator JT, as it is outside

The Jeep Rubicon Gladiator JT is a balanced and well-sized off-road vehicle in preparation, it appears with a harmonious design thanks to the components produced by Rock’s 4 × 4, which always combines robust and performing solutions with a style that integrates perfectly with the lines of the vehicle. series. To confirm what has just been said, the dedicated Stealth steel front bumper is masterfully connected to the lines of the nose and fenders.

Jeep Gladiator JT

Considering the details, the first thing to notice is the folds, which not only have an aesthetic value but give the surface a ribbed texture. On this bumper does not protrude anything, even the sturdy tubular bullbar, while hidden from view is housed a winch of Forcomeda 12,000 lbs, with textile cord Dyneema.

Jeep Gladiator JT

Angle and dimensions of the front fendersNear the windscreen pillars, on two Rock’s 4 × 4 brackets, a pair of powerful Osram LED spotlights to guarantee perfect vision. The side is embellished with a protective sill, with lightening holes on the entire surface.


The cover of the body, in the same color as the hard top of the sturdy black roll-up canvas, with reinforcement bars of the Rugged Ridge, allows in a few moments to go from completely closed to open without clutter. At the rear, everything remained as standard, from the rectangular shape of the LED headlights to the heavy-duty steel off-road bumper, included in the Rubicon set-up.


Try Jeep Gladiator, how are you inside?

The solution proposed for the interior on this Gladiator JT is already proven in the Wrangler JL and its unique and distinctive style has not been “desecrated” by Rock’s 4 × 4. The dashboard is beautiful and functional with all the controls in an accessible and intuitive position: the sporty line is still elegant and comfort and multimedia connectivity are at the forefront.

Inside Jeep Gladiator JT

From the driver’s seat, the gearshift and reduction gear levers are very convenient and within easy reach, as are the controls for the ESS (Engine-Start-Stop) system and those for off-road use. The 7 “touchscreen (also 8.4″ on request), inserted in the central part of the dashboard, is equipped with the fourth generation of the U-connect TM system.


On this Rubicon version of the JT the instrument panel, with a 3.5 ”TFT LED display, offers the possibility of choosing from over 100 configuration modes, some of which are interesting for information on off-road driving. The historic and useful handle in front of the passenger is a must. The seats offer excellent lateral grip, they are covered with valuable resistant fabric, suitable for intense use, especially in an “open-air” configuration.


Features engine and transmission on the Jeep Gladiator JT

The 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 petrol engine of this Gladiator Rubicon under test is reserved for the market outside Europe and the Middle East. Only the 3-liter Eco Diesel V6 turbo with 260 HP and 600 Nm of torque will be available here, however very respectable.


The V6 Pentastar offers brilliant performance and torque immediately ready, excellent for off-road use, with low fuel consumption, category records. Its 285 HP of power and 352 Nm of torque remain unchanged, with a better delivery curve than the first version, so much so that no particular attention is required to increase its performance. The engine pushes the pick-up to 100 km / h in just 8.6 seconds and allows for a brilliantly smooth ride on the road.

All-wheel drive Jeep Gladiator JT, how it’s made

The four-wheel-drive on the Gladiator uses the 4 × 4 Rock-Track system on the transfer case with a “4LO” (reduced) ratio of 4: 1, is combined with the 8-speed automatic transmission, allowing a maximum reduction ratio of 77.2: 1, and with the electronic locking of the Tru-Lock differentials it facilitates overcoming any obstacle.


Rock’s 4 × 4 technicians have chosen the Z Automotive Tazer JL Mini module (Z-TZR-JLM) for the quick setting of any parameter other than the series. For the “breath” of the engine, a K&N curtain air filter improves the intake.

Jeep JT Gladiator tuned by Rock’s 4X4

The Roman company has designed a suspension system that makes you forget that you are driving a 5.48 m long pick-up with 37 ”wheels . The monotube gas shock absorbers, with effective adjustments and equipped with an external reservoir, offer the eye superb care in the realization . The standard 32 ”wheels are now 37” and require more space, achieved by raising the springs by 50mm using dedicated Rock’s4x4 thicknesses.


The choice of wheels and tires, dictated by aesthetic and performance canons, fell on the Fuel Covert Wheel Satin Black in aluminum 17 × 9 “and ET + 1, equipped with a red Beadlock, in the same color as the bodywork, and on the BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain KM3 37 × 12.50 R17.

As a result of the increase and the increase in the diameter of the wheels, the reinforced fixed struts of the Teraflex were mounted, a reinforced steering damper of the Rock’s 4 × 4, equipped with a relocator of the same brand. The third-generation Dana 44 Heavy-duty front and rear axles have new 4.88 bevel gears from Spicers, compared to the stock 3.73.


Jeep Gladiator JT road test

Thanks to Fabrizio Venturini, owner of Rock’s 4 × 4, we were able to preview this beautiful JT that he customized. The first approach with the vehicle is on the road, during the transfer to the locations intended for the test drive. The steel frame is 78.7 cm longer than that of a 4-door Wrangler JL and the wheelbase is extended by 49.2 cm. After a few kilometers the easy and intuitive driving, thanks to the new set-up, already allows us to gain some confidence in the fast mixed and on motorway sections, obviously at permitted speed!


On the dirt road, you proceed as on the velvet and the first test consists of testing the behavior of the Jeep Rubicon JT Gladiator by taking its hold with a raised and modified set-up to the limit, on uneven and unpredictable terrain: a large field that has just been mown is right for us. I give the commands to Fabrizio, who, already knowing the vehicle, can push it to the maximum immediately.


In the passenger seat, I also have the opportunity to indirectly perceive the reactions and note the great comfort of the seats and the passenger compartment. Great “handle” Fabrizio! His experience in off-road speed racing is impressive, as he performs in traverses, under and oversteer, looking for the grip crisis, but there is nothing to do, the Gladiator is a go-kart, stable and without a roll. Spectacular!


Back to the controls: the intention is to simulate an excursion with various critical off-road situations such as deep twists, which I thought could undermine a 3,854 mm wheelbase, while instead, they have overcome without problems thanks to the considerable maximum travel and compression. allowed by the excellent suspension work by Rock’s 4 × 4; even wheel detachment creates no difficulty and the resulting loss of traction is immediately compensated by the superb electronic control.


Even the gullies, the side passages, the wide mudflats with deep traces of tractor wheels, or the treacherous fords, all tackled without hesitation, are no problem either. Crossing deep waterways we also wanted to test the tightness of the body cover and we tackled them at full speed to completely submerge the 4 × 4, but there was no way to let even the smallest drop penetrate. with a sturdy canvas structure.


Finally, on the fast dirt road, we tested the control with a rally driving, and “our” Gladiator by Rock’s 4 × 4 was always unperturbed, continuing to give us pure fun.

Jeep Wrangler JT Gladiator Rubicon 3.6 V6 2020 4 doors ( technical specifications)

ENGINE ATX 4RM 6-cylinder V petrol; displacement: 3,605 cc; max power: 285 hp (209 kW) at 6,400 rpm; max torque: 352 Nm at 4,100 rpm; bore x stroke: 96 × 83 mm; distribution: 4 valves per cylinder; compression ratio: 11.3: 1; power supply: sequential electronic injection

TRANSMISSION traction: integral; gearbox: 8-speed automatic; Transfer box: HD Rock-Trac 4.1: 1 permanent 4WD system; max reduction ratio: 77.2

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT length: 5.487 mm: width: 1.877 mm; height: 1,872 mm; ground clearance: 280 mm; wheelbase: 3,485 mm; empty weight: 2,245 kg; max payload: 725 kg; towing capacity: 2,722 kg; fuel tank capacity: 83.4 l; characteristic angles: attack 43.4 °, exit 26 °, back 20.3 °; wading capacity: 760 mm

PERFORMANCE 0-100 km / h acceleration: 8.6 s; max speed: 156 km / h (self-limited).

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