The new McLaren 765LT is almost close to the first deliveries to customers, after the virtual presentation that took place at the missing Geneva Motor Show 2020, cancelled due to the Coronavirus. As you may know, this is the lightest and most powerful variant of the already very fast McLaren 720S, so to speak the car that until a few weeks ago held the quarter-mile record for road supercars. It has recently been beaten by the brand new 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo S  but it remains a supercar with space performance.

McLaren 765LT

The Woking-based manufacturer has declared very respectable performance for the new 765LT, with acceleration to 0-200 km / h covered in less than 7 seconds, 0.2 seconds better than declared in March 2020. The same is also true. for the quarter-mile, now solved in just 9.9 seconds. If so again he gains the crown as road Supercar absolute fastest quarter-mile, subtracting primacy to the 911 Turbo S. Today we show you the preview video made by the English channel of Youtube CarWow, during their track test of the very powerful McLaren 765LT.

Continuing with the values, the 765LT reaches 100 km / h from standstill in less than 2.7 seconds while it takes about 18 seconds to reach 300 km / h from standstill. With this last value, the new 765LT turns out to be 0.8 seconds faster than the very powerful Senna, an extreme version for track performance. Despite being more powerful, the Senna has aerodynamics that is more focused on-track performance, therefore more downforce and consequently a lower top speed.

The beating heart of the McLaren 765LT

The engine of the new McLaren 765LT is the same 4.0 V8 biturbo to which the Woking house has now accustomed us, but capable of delivering the beauty of 765 hp and 800 Nm of torque , combined with a 7-speed double clutch automatic transmission and the rear-wheel drive only. It has a reduced weight of 80 kg compared to the 720S from which it derives, now stopping the balance needle at 1,229 kg dry . Value also achieved thanks to its magnificent carbon monocoque frame , called Monocage II.

First deliveries of the 765 units will begin by the end of the month, but all 2020 units have already been ordered and applications are about to be completed for 2021. However, the recent news of a new UK Lockdown could be challenging. the already critical situation of the English house.

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