Honda returns to more balanced forms for one of its flagships, the Civic, which will also arrive in Europe in 2021.

Honda Civic The New Generation Debuts


The Honda Civic is among the longest-lived cars on the market: the first generation dates back to 1972 and the tenth has been on sale since 2015. This fortunate lineage will be carried on by the new model, the eleventh, unveiled today in the form of a prototype and expected on the American market from spring 2021 (arrival in Europe expected in the following months). Like the current model, the new Honda Civic will be offered in the 4-door sedan with the tail and the 5-door sedan with the tailgate, as well as the Si coupe (not sold in Europe) and the super sporty Type R. the previous Civic, therefore the 4 doors will be about 465 cm long and the 5 doors about 455 cm.



Although shown as a prototype, the Honda Civic Prototype anticipates the 4-door series model with great fidelity. The style, more balanced and mature than the current model, appears to be influenced by the Accord for the American market. Thus, we find a thin grille with the headlights on the sides, now more squared and less oblique. The fascia is more linear and in the side there is a marked scratch that ideally combines the nose and tail, where we find large horizontal headlights and a hint of a spoiler in the shape of the rear trunk. The roof slopes to the rear, as is the case today for sedans, which gives the car a dynamic profile.

Honda Civic The New Generation Debuts


Inside the Honda Civic Prototype, the Japanese house has made the dashboard more modern and essential: there are fewer physical buttons in the center console and the screen in the dashboard is offered. In addition, the position of the multimedia system and its touch screen (up to 9 ”wide) changes: they move from the console to the upper part of the dashboard, as the current trend dictates. Honda announced that the 2021 Civic is able to offer higher standards in terms of active and passive safety, thanks to newly designed airbags, a more rigid body, and improved driver assistance systems, all contained in the Honda package. Sensing.

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