[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”2″ display=”basic_slideshow”]Ferrari has just unveiled the brand new Homologated Ferrari, a spectacular One-Off (unique car) produced on the basis of the Ferrari 812 Superfast, at the request of an “anonymous European collector” declares Ferrari. It actually inherits the platform, mechanics and engine from the latter, but everything else has been modified to make the tenth unique creation of the Italian manufacturer exclusive.


Homologated Ferrari, a timeless line with a retro flavour

The Homologated Ferrari sports a unique racing livery, enriched by the magnificent Magma Red three-layer colour, as well as new finishes specially made for it by the Maranello Style Center under the watchful eye of Flavio Manzoni. The front has a new front, with a dedicated grille, more oval and wider than that of the Superfast. It loses some aerodynamic appendages of the “standard” Supercar and gains two slots located above the grille, to ensure greater ventilation to the engine. The front wheel arches are more muscular and give the sports car a more massive air. Much changes instead in the rear, where the rear window gives way to a sloping roof that culminates in a ducktail spoiler, very vintage and in full “fastback” style. The glass is replaced by a panel characterized by three horizontal slits. The rear lights are also new, now only two circular elements, one on each side. Slightly revised also the carbon extractor, which houses the 4 split tailpipes.

Ferrari Homologated: essential but elegant interior

The Homologated Ferrari also receives an exclusive treatment inside, with various elements that recall the classic sportiness of the brand. The carbon shell seats are finished in dual material, Alcantara and Jeans Aunde, with 4-point racing belts. New finishes in aluminium, carbon, steel and black leather appear on the dashboard and steering wheel, giving the cabin a very gloomy and gloomy appearance. There are some elements recalling the historic 250 GTO and 250 LM, such as the internal handles and the central tunnel, finished in hammered aluminium.

The origins of the name

The mysterious European customer had explicitly requested “ a timeless, elegant but sporty line that evokes the past and projects it into the future. Sporty and focused on the track but at ease on the road, which is sober and elegant but capable of making the hearts of horse enthusiasts beat faster “. It took more than 2 years of design for the Homologated Ferrari. We must think that the body colour was developed especially for her, with aluminium panels entirely handmade to meet the customer’s requests.

Homologated Ferrari: what is hiding under the engine?

We do not yet know if the Maranello house has made significant changes to the mechanics of the Homologated which precisely incorporates that of the Ferrari 812 Superfast, with its legendary (perhaps last) V12 6.5 naturally aspirated from 800 HP at 8,500 rpm and 718 Nm of maximum torque at 7,000. turns. The price? It has not been communicated, but it could be close to 2 million euros.

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