Uniqueness – in addition to the exciting design and an extremely powerful drive, this is the main feature of the one-off models from Ferrari. Current example: the Omologata based on the 812 Superfast.

From its package, only the windshield and the headlights were retained as existing body elements for the one-off, according to Ferrari, a “demanding European customer”. The aim was to use the proportions of the mid-front engine layout to create a particularly slim design. According to the artist, the trickiest aspect was “finding the balance between expressiveness and restraint”. The Omologata should certainly be present on the street. But at the same time preserve its pure design language.

Thanks to its Rosso Magma finish and racing paintwork, the Omologata is clearly recognizable as a descendant of Ferrari’s GT tradition. Also inside, where in the tenth one-off model, metallic blue seats in a combination of leather and jeans Aunde fabric with 4-point racing belts clearly stand out from the black interior.

“Metal parts on the dashboard and steering wheel have the lacquer effect, which is associated with the great GT racing drivers of the 1950s and 1960s and with the camshaft covers from Ferrari,” said the Italian.

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