As expected, Novitec’s hand also arrived for the latest Berlinetta from Maranello. Now, the new Ferrari F8 Tributo has received, as usual, the tuning of the famous German tuner, Novitec which has given it a lot of extra power and a truly unique look, certainly not to go unnoticed.


Ferrari F8 Tributo by Novitec, 800 HP for her and more aerodynamics

Exactly, this time Novitec has decided to work hard. In addition to the usual upgrade in terms of power, the new carbon aesthetic kit not only adds more aggression to its design but this time it also performs an aerodynamic function. In fact, Novitec communicates, the downforce increases by 10% above 230 km / h. The suspension compartment has also been revised, with new springs lowered by 35 mm that work in symbiosis with the electronically controlled adaptive Ferrari suspension system (possibly pneumatic as an option). 


At the engine level, small changes have been made to the control unit and to some turbine management parameters: its 3.9 V8 biturbo now manages to develop about 800 hp , 80 more than the standard model and also increases the maximum torque from 770 Nm at 820 Nm, always at 3,000 rpm The new direct exhaust entirely plated in gold , to manage heat dissipation, is also equipped with an electronic valve operated by the radio remote control that comes with the tuning. You can choose whether to use the car with the exhaust completely “open” or reduce the db by operating the valve which will partially limit the volume of the exhaust.

Performance undergoes a slight improvement being able to now ensure a sprint to 0-100 km / h in just 2.6 seconds and a top speed of 345 km / h. Perhaps one of Novitec’s best works.

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