Elon Musk said Tesla will release a fully autonomous driving system to customers as early as 2021. The world’s most famous electric car maker recently released its system called Full Self-Driving Beta to select customers to monitor the first road tests. , but it should be noted that the FSDB autonomous driving system is not classified as Level 5 autonomous driving and is far from perfect or simply accepted by various countries and states.

Real Autonomous Driving on Tesla in 2021

Nonetheless, Musk confirmed that Tesla’s cars are really close to reaching full autonomy in autonomous driving, in order to consider the driver as a real passive guest inside the passenger compartment. The philanthropist and billionaire himself was pressed by some questions from automotive journalists to have a precise date of when Tesla will really be able to reach the true and full autonomy so feared, his answer surprised everyone a bit.

” I am extremely confident of achieving full autonomy and releasing it to all Tesla customers as early as next year, ” Musk said.

But if we consider that in the middle of this year Elon stated that his cars would have enjoyed full autonomous driving already at the end of 2020 and that, in 2019, he claimed the presence of 1 million Tesla robotaxis on the roads already this year ( currently there are 0 ), we can understand that Elon Musk is a bit detached from the reality of the facts. But we have faith in him and in his company.

Oh yes, there is also that statement by Elon, according to which a Tesla car would have driven autonomously, through the United States, already in 2017, however, to date, there is no trace of the “American journey”.

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