The future of Lexus electrified called Direct4. This is a new technology capable of controlling the operation of electric motors in electric and hybrid cars with extreme precision.

Electrified Lexus Direct4 Driving Experience

New driving feeling

From Lexus, they ensure an “unrivaled driving experience” thanks to Direct4 which is able to adjust the balance of torque transmitted on the two axles according to road conditions and the driving style of the driver. This occurs continuously and involves connecting the electric motor directly to the wheels. All this to increase the driving feeling which will have a name and surname: “ Lexus Driving Signature ” and will be more direct and engaging, in a level of silence and absolute comfort.


Performance and traction

In the video you see in this article Takashi Watanabe, Chief Engineer Lexus Electrified explained Lexus’ intention to create a range of cars capable of great potential in terms of driving fun. A direct link between acceleration, directionality, and genuine dynamic behavior with ever-improving performance. In addition, you can change the drive of the car to your liking thanks to the Direct4 system that manages the torque of the electric motors. The car can be front-wheel drive with 100% of the torque sent to the front wheels. Integral with the torque distributed at 50:50 on the two axles or rear with 80% of the torque at the rear and the remaining 20% ​​at the front.


Design and style

Also in the Lexus video, we can hear the words of Koichi Suga, General Manager Lexus Design who anticipates the next style of the Japanese premium brand. The front will be the part that will increasingly characterize Lexus cars and since electric cars do not need grills and radiators for engine cooling, the style will be more essential. More space for designers therefore who will have more design freedom for both the exterior and the interior.

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