Hyundai has revealed the first details of a very small electric car for children. The style of this microcar is based on that of the ’45’ concept car that Hyundai unveiled in 2019 at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA).

Hyundai children’s electric car, as it is

The little Hyundai electric car for children is long 1.38 meters, high 82 cm, and wide 68 cm.

Electric Car For Children Small Hyundai EV

Hyundai designers have adapted the distinctive ‘kinetic cube lamp’ design of the ’45’ prototype headlights, along with its angular yet fluid profile, to create this as-yet-unnamed little electric that comes in Performance Blue bodywork. and orange details.

Hyundai EV for children, features

The small Hyundai EV is equipped with two DC motors that propel it to an electrifying top speed of 7 km / h. To give the right boost of confidence to those behind the wheel, the Hyundai designers wanted to be inspired by the world of motorsport by placing a single seat in the center of the car.

Electric Car For Children Small Hyundai EV

Living up to the design heritage of the ’45’ concept car, Hyundai has built this unique model using a traditional eco-friendly material – wood.

This new EV does not yet have an official driving range, but the driver’s laughter is believed to be capable of fueling it through Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC) technology.

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