The DS Aero Sport Lounge, the brand new futuristic idea of the Parisian model, acquired the 2021 Grand Prix for essentially the most stunning Idea Automotive of the yr. The prototype was awarded on the Worldwide Car Competition, now in its 36th version. Composed of automotive fans, media, and folks from the world of luxurious, the jury was chaired by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte and French designer Anne Asensio, Vice President of Design Expertise at Dassault Systèmes.


Optimized Aerodynamics

The DS Aero Sport Lounge has an aesthetic line that emphasizes aerodynamic effectivity, achieved due to the thrust of the 100% electrical E-Tense engine. 5 meters lengthy, with a particular roofline and massive 23-inch wheels, the DS idea effectively directs the air flows from the grille to the aspect appendages.

Cockpit with Giant Suspended Viewers and Digital Actuality

Most Beautiful Concept Car of 2021

The cockpit of the DS Aero Sport Lounge was additionally conceived in a revolutionary method, with the inside dominated by dematerialized screens that tackle the “suspended” shapes of two massive viewers positioned in entrance of the occupants. On the decrease half, lined in cotton satin, the data of the higher viewer is projected. Making the most of the augmented actuality illustration, all the weather needed for driving are projected onto the windshield, additionally giving area to the infotainment features.


Most Beautiful Concept Car of 2021


Participating and Comfy Interiors

The central elbow relaxation between the seats acts as a information. It reads, interprets, and responds to each motion of the hand that gives instructions with a gesture and receives a sensory response. Sensors detect each motion, whereas small ultrasonic audio system give impulse to a wave that transmits the feeling of motion of a strong mass to the hand.

Journey consolation is supplied by the seats in high-density polyurethane foam lined in cotton satin, a fabric that’s nice to the contact and embellished with a weave that ensures energy and softness. The three-material woven microfiber covers the door panels.

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