The DS 3 Crossback is able to guarantee an even more dynamic and safe ride on all road surfaces thanks to the Advanced Traction Control system that completes the high-tech equipment of the compact SUV of the Parisian brand.

Elegance and refinement of design are therefore combined with the versatility of a vehicle suitable for all terrains. Advanced and adaptable traction that adapts to all driving conditions, ensuring the DS 3 Crossback excellent driving behaviour even when it is moving on off-road terrain or on surfaces made insidious by bad weather.


Traction that works together with the ESP

The DS advanced Traction Control available on the DS 3 Crossback is a state-of-the-art control to manage traction in synergy with ESP stability control. Available on request at the price of 150 euros, this equipment does not weigh down the car, having a low weight that does not compromise the agility of the crossover.

DS 3 Crossback


Three modes that can be activated with Drive Mode

Activated by simply pressing the Drive Mode button from the DS 3 Crossback dashboard, Advanced Traction Control offers three distinct modes, with the choice clearly visible in the instrument panel. The setups are: Snow, which adapts the traction according to the different grip of each of the two front wheels, for speeds up to 80 km / h; Mud, which instead facilitates the rotation of the wheel with less grip, in order to optimize the removal of mud and gain new grip, in the meantime transferring as much torque as possible to the wheel with better grip, this mode is active for speeds up to 50 km / h; and Sand, which instead focuses on the slow rotation of the front wheels, simultaneously to allow the vehicle to move forward while limiting the risk of being blocked by the sand, its operation is active up to 120 km / h.

On the So Chic and Performance Line fittings

Each time the car is restarted, the DS Advanced Traction Control system is automatically deactivated, returning to standard driving mode. Available for the So Chic and Performance Line versions, the effects of this advanced drive system of the French brand are perceived even more clearly and effectively with the use of winter tires.

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