The Texan tuner and builder has decided to get his hands on the stars and stripes muscle car to get to guarantee truly monstrous power and torque values ​​in order to obtain decidedly exciting performance.

Dodge Challenger Reaches 1050 HP

The Dodge Challenger is one of the best known, most admired, and dreamed of muscle cars. A muscular line, first-rate technical equipment, and absolutely thrilling performances are the basic ingredients of a certainly successful recipe. The stars and stripes sports car is offered in a multitude of versions characterized above all by a run-up to increasingly extreme powers and increasingly incredible performance. Take for example the Hellcat Redeye version which on its side has the V8 6.2 Supercharged engine of 808 hp of power and 957 Nm of torque: values ​​that allow the American muscle car to boast absolutely outstanding performances such as sprinting from 0 to 96 km / h in just 3.4 seconds and reaching a top speed of 326 km / h. True supercar results that have been further improved by new versions of the Dodge Challenger.


Even more extreme performance with the SRT Demon

The certainly remarkable results of the Hellcat Redeye were surpassed by the spectacular Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: thanks to the incredible V8 6.2 HEMI with 840 hp of power (a real record has given that the V8 HEMI represents the most powerful engine ever installed on a production car), the version of the Challenger signed by SRT Demon managed to boast an acceleration from 0 to 96 km / h in just 2.3 seconds, which is the fastest performance ever for a mass-produced car. But it doesn’t stop there: the Challenger SRT Demon also won the title of the fastest mass-produced car in the “Quarter mile” (ie the sprint from 0 to 402 meters) thanks to a time that stopped the hands of time by just 9.65 seconds and those of the speedometer at 225 km / h. Last but not least, the Challenger SRT Demon was also the first-ever mass-produced car to finish on the  Guinness World Record thanks to the fact that it was able to make a wheelie from the start: the Guinness World Record certified in fact that the SRT Demon was able to start from a standstill with a real wheelie and managed to keep the front wheels raised from the asphalt by 89 cm.

Will the version prepared by Hennessey be the definitive Dodge Challenger?

However, it is not over yet. The Texan tuner and manufacturer (he created the stunning Venom F5, a supercar that aspires to the title of the fastest car in the world) has decided to get his hands on the Dodge Challenger to get to guarantee truly monstrous power and torque values. As? Simply by adopting a particular 4.5-liter Supercharged engine and embellishing it with a series of technical features inherited directly from the racing world. The result? A declared power of 1,050 hp and an exaggerated torque that even reaches 1,285 Nm. These values ​​have been declared on the test bench, but Hennessey has made it known that during the first road tests the Dodge Challenger has managed to guarantee the wheels 893 hp and 1,093 Nm. At the moment Hennessey has not yet disclosed the price of its processing but has already made it known that it will be guaranteed for a year or 12,000 miles (about 20,000 km).

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