The Renault 5 Prototype that the French manufacturer unveiled as a surprise yesterday probably will not be exactly like this when it completes its path in the definitive model. In any case, regardless of how the production version will remain faithful to the concept, the Renault 5 Prototype seems to have immediately made its way among the enthusiasts who have enthusiastically welcomed this novelty of the Lozenge. Classic Futuristic Design of Renault 5 Prototype   Thanks to the ability to be able to combine tradition, with the clear reference to the iconic Renault 5 launched in the 70s, and the future of the Losanga brand, the Renault 5 E-Tech, as it was baptized by the French company, represents the perfect manifesto stylistic of the transformation process underway at Renault, where a real revolution has begun, or rather Renaulution (name of the manufacturer’s new industrial plan).  

Stylistic harmonization of distant times

With the concept of this new and modern 100% electric Renault 5, Gilles Vidal, design manager of the French company, has managed to harmonize the stylistic features of different eras, creating a car that is projected towards tomorrow, with minimal surfaces, the high-tech details, the futuristic lighting signature and many other elements of marked modernity, but which proudly exhibits its strong anchoring to the origins and glorious past of Renault’s history. Classic Futuristic Design of Renault 5 Prototype We do not yet know how long we will have to wait to see the Renault 5 E-Tech transform from concept to production model, but certainly, the foundations laid by this evocative prototype that looks to the future portend that the wait will be long, as well as our curiosity in following the development and transformation path that will lead this concept up to the entry into production and launch on the market.
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