Dodge Challenger Reaches 1050 HP

Dodge Challenger Reaches 1,050 HP

The Texan tuner and builder has decided to get his hands on the stars and stripes muscle car to get to guarantee truly monstrous power and torque values ​​in order to obtain decidedly exciting performance. The Dodge Challenger is one of the best known, most admired, and dreamed of muscle cars. A muscular Read more…

Nissan Leaf 2021

Nissan Leaf 2021- New features and more connectvity

The Nissan Leaf is updated with the arrival of the new Model Year. There are no novelties from an aesthetic point of view and in the electric motorization, but technology and connectivity are updated. It will arrive in Italian dealerships starting from next January, with a price list starting from 35,300 euros, but from Read more…

Electrified Lexus Direct4 Driving Experience [VIDEO]

The future of Lexus electrified called Direct4. This is a new technology capable of controlling the operation of electric motors in electric and hybrid cars with extreme precision. New driving feeling From Lexus, they ensure an “unrivaled driving experience” thanks to Direct4 which is able to adjust the balance of torque transmitted on the two axles according to road conditions Read more…

Toyota Supra Manhart GR 550

Toyota Supra: 550 HP With Manhart’s Golden Tuning

The German tuner Manhart specializes in modifications concerning BMW cars but as we now well know, the beating heart (and not only) of the much-loved Supra is shared with another car from the Bavarian manufacturer, the BMW Z4. It, therefore, seems legitimate that Manhart has decided to get his hands on the latest Japanese sports Read more…

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