We get into the car, grabbed the steering wheel, tried to turn the ignition, the starter made a sound, some car lights seemed to be on, but there was nothing to do, the car won’t start. Often it is possible to find a solution to the problem of starting the car yourself, which avoids going to the mechanic right away.

Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

Car Won't Start

The causes can be many and, moreover, different according to the type of supply, petrol or diesel. First, you need to understand if the starter motor is blocked or working. If it does not turn, the cause is almost always the low battery. To check it, just turn on the headlights. If the light is completely missing or weak, it is the battery: it must be recharged or changed.

Otherwise, the causes can be the starter: it can be locked and then you can try to unlock it by engaging a low gear (if the gearbox is mechanical) and pushing the car back and forth: if the operation is successful, a metallic noise will be heard which will testify to the unlocking. If even this operation is unsuccessful, you should contact a mechanic.


It Can Be Flooded

 If, on the other hand, the motor works and the engine is running on petrol, it may have become flooded. In this case, it is necessary to accelerate fully and repeat the starting phases until the ignition or the power system may be tilted. The fault can start from the fuel pump, from the fact that dirty petrol has been “fished”, or be due to a problem with the injection system, the coils, the spark plugs, the electronic control unit or the imperfect recognition of the transponder of the immobilizer present in the key. To solve these problems you need to contact a professional.


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On Diesel Machines

The same advice also applies when the starter motor of a diesel car turns normally because the causes of the ignition failure can derive from inefficient preheating glow plugs, from a failure of the fuel system or from the clogged diesel filter. At low temperatures, diesel fuel that has frozen because it is not of the “winter” type can also prevent starting a diesel engine.

In this case, if it is possible to hospitalize the car in a heated place after a few hours, the situation will return to normal, because the paraffin contained in the diesel fuel will freeze, otherwise it is good to go to a workshop. Once the problem has been solved, it is useful to add a specific additive to the tank to keep the diesel fluid and then



 A last event, paradoxical but not rare, which can compromise the starting of an engine is the lack of petrol or diesel: it can happen due to a failure of the level indicator, but also due to carelessness on the part of the seated person in the driver’s seat.


The Fatigue Car to Switch On

If the engine struggles to start both when it is cold and when it is hot and the battery is in good condition, problems may be due to the failure of petrol to reach the injection system due to micro-leaks in the pipes, to a pump failure. fuel, to a defect in the sensor that reads the rotation of the flywheel, to a coil or to some damaged electrical-electronic system element. Another reason may be the imperfect recognition of the immobilizer transponder present in the key. To solve these anomalies it is necessary to rely on a professional.

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Burnish Odor at The Start of The Car

The two most common reasons for this problem are a leak on the engine oil drain line which, due to high temperatures, burns quickly, or a short circuit. In both cases, we suggest using a professional as quickly as possible to avoid serious damage to the car (as well as for the safety of the occupants).


Key Turns on But the Car Won’t Start

One possible solution is to check the wire connection to the battery terminals, which may be corroded. You can try pushing the screwdriver tip between the clutch and the next terminal, then starting the engine. When starting out, the cables need to be cleaned or replaced (this type of operation actually has to be done regularly every three months).

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