You get in the car, turn the key to start the engine and … there is no signal to start the engine! In most cases, the cause is the car battery suddenly discharged.

Symptoms of low car battery

You are usually surprised by a car battery that suddenly runs out because you underestimated some of the signals coming from your car that should clearly indicate that it is time to replace the car battery.

But not starting the car is just one symptom of a low battery. If the engine is taking longer than normal or the error warning indicator remains on the dashboard, it is time to replace it.


Low car battery

To avoid the car battery running out suddenly, there are useful tools you can use to find out when to replace the voltmeter components.

With this tool, which can be purchased at a very affordable price, it is possible to measure the charge level of the engine’s battery. All you have to do is open the hood with the engine turned off and connect the plus and minus terminals to the appropriate battery terminals.

Once this is done, the battery charge value will appear on the voltmeter. If the voltage is between 12.4 and 12.7 volts, you can drive the car safely because the battery is still charged. If the value is lower, it will need to be refilled or replaced.

How to charge your low battery

Car Battery Suddenly Discharged

If your car battery runs out, you can try to recharge it so you can drive again. To carry out the charging process, you need to equip yourself with a cable(buy from here) and have another car nearby with a charged battery. Open the hood of both cars and connect the negative and positive wire terminals first to the charged car battery and then to the charged one.

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After this process is complete, the engine of the loaded car must first be started at a speed of about 2000 rpm, and then the unloaded car can be started, running for about 10 minutes. After that, the cables must be removed in the reverse order from the cables in which they were mounted.

As a precaution, it is advisable to go to the repair shop immediately afterward to check the engine battery and replace it if necessary.


Without cables

Car Battery Suddenly Discharged

Having cables in the car is a good practice, but very few drivers follow this rule. What to do if the car battery suddenly discharge and there are no more cables?

To start your car, you can use the old pushing method. Therefore, you need to turn off all turned on devices such as radios, navigators and the like, turn the ignition, remove the handbrake, activate second gear and depress the clutch. When sufficient speed is reached, remove your foot from the clutch and accelerate.

This method allows you to start the engine from scratch, but be careful. This can damage the catalytic converter.

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